The Burden of Elder Sister and Arguments About Chores


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The week before the New Year approaches has always been a funny yet battling conflict between my sister and I. All week is spent cleaning every single room in the house very diligently or else mom won’t let us have much fun before New Year’s Eve occurs. Since I was old enough to join mom in cleaning around the house, it’s been a set tradition that we always prepare our house to be very clean and welcoming as we embark on the New Year. As the years went by and my sister became capable of helping me and mom, the task felt somewhat easier to accomplish, this was until mom stopped cleaning and left all the cleaning for my sister and me to do.

Older sisters always get the most workload around the house no matter how easy or how hard the work may be. The greatest argument I can have with my sister every New Year’s Eve as were opening up the windows, moving the furniture to the corner and wiping the counters is who will vacuum, or mop, or do the laundry, or fold and put away all the clothes. Throughout the entire week, our time is spent cleaning as New Year’s Day approaches but alongside cleaning, we’re also bumping heads on who’s going to do which chores. For five years straight I’ve found myself constantly arguing with my sister who’s ten years younger than me. As much as I’ve tried, our arguments usually end with my sister doing the least and easiest chores we have set for the week. However, this New Year’s Eve I was determined to make our chore lists equal since my sister was finally five and old enough (in my mother’s eyes).

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Throughout our talk, I attempted to use strong sources to strengthen my credibility and appeal to ethos while trying to build somewhat of an argument with my sister. I started off by reading pieces of an article on the written by Amy Morin titled The Importance of Chores for Kids. This article helped me provide enough credibility by being able to present facts and opinions by other people that support my claim. Although this article did succeed in proving my credibility, I was talking to a 5-year-old who didn’t know much about the internet or even articles so I had to use other sources to appeal to a five-year-olds ethos. I then started using personal examples from when I was growing up and had to help mom clean the house all by myself. This helped make my sister understand I wasn’t just complaining but speaking from first-hand experience.

Adding to my logos appeals, I established very strong appeals to logos, with more points and logical ideas. Being in high school is more time consuming compared to the kindergarten life my sister was living yet this didn’t change the fact that I knew how to turn on the vacuum and mop and work the washer and dryer. This proved that I did do more chores and was still more advanced than she is but when I was her age I had to learn all these right away not able to use “I’m still a little kid” as an excuse while cleaning. After stating all of those facts, I then proceeded to read from an article titled 7 important reasons why kids should have chores which included that chores help teach life skills, help kids learn responsibility and self-reliance, teach teamwork, reinforce respect, build a strong work ethic, improve planning and time management skills, and give families a chance to bond. This helped logically support my claim that has been statistically proven as true that kids should do chores which will help build great characteristics. Having a setlist written by someone else besides me influenced my sister to look back at her actions towards cleaning and realize that she needs to fix them.

Accompanying strong logos appeals, I effectively make appeals to pathos after finally grasping my sister’s attention. I began my argument with many emotional and factual reasons to build a sympathetic impression from my sister. By comparing the way I grew up as an only child to her childhood with an older sister, I was able to achieve my goal to make her feel a bit of sympathy for me since I had no help growing up. My story about growing up as an only child and having to take on more workload around the house supported an appeal to pathos having my sister feeling terrible for me and guilty about being lazy to take on more chores. By the end of the argument, our chore lists were balanced and cleaning around the house is swell.

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