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Cesar Harada speaks about the pollution of the Earth’s oceans due to human activities. the three main pollutants spoken about by Cesar were oil, plastic, and radioactivity. All of the pollutants were put into the ocean by humans and were thereafter transported throughout the oceans due to the natural ocean currents and winds. The oil leakage is due to a BP oil rigs spillage, the plastic is due to constant littering which gets caught in ocean currents and brought to the middle of the Pacific Ocean as that is where the currents meet, and the radioactive material is a leakage from Kawashima nuclear power plant. These issues cause a mass loss of marine life due to the animals eating, getting caught in or getting damaged by the plastic. The oil and radioactivity causes health system damage to marine life causing death and even mass beachings. Cesar Harada has come forward with an idea of a sail boat that is able to completely change shape and can sail against the winds and tides without losing momentum or energy in order to drag an oil absorbent and collector which could also collect plastic by intercepting it in the currents and winds. The concept developed from being human controlled to battery and motor operated as the radioactivity is extremely dangerous to a human’s health. Cesar’s plan is to use ancient sailing techniques in order to clean Earth’s oceans with the concept of a boat that completely changes shape to adapt to the winds, currents and waves, and harness their energy rather than be obstructed. 

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Cesar Harada has completed the four tasks of management as he has come forward with a plan for the business Protei and its future. He assembled a team of innovative engineers to help him on his project. He started to achieve his goal by introducing his concept to the team and adapt his ideas with theirs. Cesar’s project is still growing and receiving funds to develop his project further.

Protei’s strengths include the concept of cleaning the Earth’s oceans as this is one of Earth’s greatest treasures and is vital to human survival as the oceans cool the Earth’s surface and provide food to many species of animals with humans included as well as many other key elements of survival. Cesar will have a huge fan base due to the idea of cleaning the ocean and many followers and donators to his organization.

Protei’s weakness lies in the fact that he has to counter the forces of the Earth in order to clean the oceans and in that the problem is not as easy to resolve as it may appear due to the constant activities of humans and their nature in that they do not think of the aftermath of their actions until it is too late to make a change. This is the reason for the majority of the plastic in the ocean. However companies are starting to move towards bio degradable substitutes for plastic.

Protei has the opportunity to join with many other organizations from around the world as well as work with multiple scientists and engineers from around the globe on their project of a sail boat that can sail against the winds and currents as well as harness energy from the waves.

Protei has to be extremely careful about the control of their boats once the construction phase has been completed as the radioactivity is extremely dangerous to human and hence they will need a sustainable energy source for their boats with machinery to control it. Big waves cause a threat to the travel of the boat as they can be destructive to the boat. With the collected that trail the boat there is the threat of marine life getting caught inside of it.

Social Factors play a major roll for Protei as recently there has been a major upset around the globe as to the negative effects that have risen from the pollution of the oceans as well as trends about marine life life and how plastic is slowly killing it. Social media plays a huge roll in this as many people make and share posts about the state of marine life, research about the oceans and statistics as to how the Earth will be in a couple of years if humans do not change their ways. These social trends tie in with the concept of Protei and their aim and can create major positive publicity for the organization as a whole.

Technological Factors contribute greatly to the business as the majority of their project revolves around the boat being fully maneuverable and automated. Advancements in technology add to the project as creators and innovators from around the world adapt to newer technologies to help improve and make breakthroughs in the Protei project. With the help of technology Protei were able to set up a donation base to which they earned their start up capital as well as joining a platform in which inventors and engineers from around the world could submit and share their ideas.

The main focus of Protei is on the Physical Environment and Other Environmental Factors which is a big deal in modern society with the major shift of the greater population to go green and rid the Earth of plastic and other harmful substances. Protei is trying to rid the Earth’s oceans of oil which looks incredible to the eye of the public and will in turn reward them for their actions.

Ethical Factors are highly looked upon in modern times as businesses often try to slip the books and cities and countries live off of high taxes and bribes. Protei are doing their basic task of giving back to nature but on a much larger scale than expected to. A company is expected to give back to nature as they take from it or give back to their local communities. Protei have taken it further than needs be in the hope that they can cleanse the oceans.

Protei has the opportunity to has various investors into their project such as individual donators of money and skills or companies willing to fund sections of the project such as the construction or researchers. Other organizations may wish to combine with Protei or assist in the operation of trying to clean the oceans of pollutants. If the project is successful then future projects would be highly invested in and more potential partners would be interested in the organization.

Protei faces the threat of not being allowed clearance or permission to travel through the oceans in the dissed motion due to trading ships regular routes and safety of the ships if something were to go wrong with the Protei ship resulting in damage being caused to the surrounding ships. The mass of the garbage patches combined with the water resistance could be more than accounted for by Protei and the force of the waves could potentially knock accumulated plastic out of the nets and back into the oceans.

The TED Talk involves one of the leading petroleum companies in South Africa being BP. An oil rig in the Gulf Of Mexico which is controlled by BP Petroleum had a pipe burst which had leaked 4.9 million barrels worth of oil into the pacific ocean in 2010. This would have caused BP major market issues as the public would not have been happy with the, leaving them on their Blackfoot and at an attacking point for competitors in the market as they would be trying to recover from this incident. A massive global trend is currently to be going green by replacing plastic with biodegradable materials which many companies and franchises have jumped on board to. Cesar Harada is an incredibly creative and innovative man who took the risk of quitting his dream job in order to pursue what he felt was a major issue which is what makes him a great entrepreneur because he took a chance, and better yet it all fell into play. he raised funds and established a team and got his project underway with his goal set in mind.

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