The California Green Party: Fighting for Power, to Get a Shot at Saving the Environment

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California Green Party

The California Green Party is the Californian part of the overall Green Party of the United States. The party was formed in 1990, and became a party of official ballot status in 1991. Over 103,000 pragmatic visionaries switched to the Green voter registration around this time period. There are 2 major parts of this Green Party; One that deals with grassroots and projects within the community that are related to the Green vision, and another that deals with the electoral work.

According to the platform, the party sees humans as an important part of the environment with a great responsibility. The great responsibility is to create an understanding of environmental sustainability. This ensures that the people would live freely, and that the Earth would be protected from any environmental dangers. The party describes how waste makes us apart from natural systems, and how we live in a system that is downwind and downstream. A goal that the California Green Party has is to get rid of the practice of Toxic Racism, which is a policy enforced that negatively affects the environment of lower income families.

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An economic policy that this party supports is community-based sustainable economics. The idea comes from a Jeffersonian model with control and ownership expanded far among California. Ecological wisdom is another principle in the party’s goals as well, and that means that people should return to the earth what they used from it. As a result, the party has a goal to make the government effectively spend money. The government would be responsible to let the public know about spending the money from the public because communication will be easier. Also, the party is trying to make social investments in order to prevent higher costs. Examples include investing in education, power, and social problems.

The party also deals with securing the lives of individuals. It’s beliefs are about creating a balance between responsibilities and the rights of individuals. Since it believes in this balance, maximum participation would be necessary. A main goal here would be to create diversity within the community, and to confront certain barriers such as racism and sexism. This shows how the California Green Party is more liberal in the way that it tries to show more equality within the community, and less conservative because it doesn’t focus on old traditional values. The party even mentions violence, and that is what people would create if they prepare for it, and the same would happen with peace.

Peace and Non Violence are both supported by the party. It talks about different types of violence from where it starts to the results of it. Some of the examples it mentions include violence from individuals, violence from the communities, and violence within foreign nations. What all these issues of violence have in common is that they all cause armed conflict. That is why the party supports the change socially within the community, and focus on what the people really want. The party is not saying that peace means no violence, but saying that peace means to control conflict. With conflict controlled, the community would be more stable.

An example of the community being stable is for workplace safety. The party wants to make sure that the workplace is safe for the people, and has great standards. The laws that would need to be implemented are from the California Occupational Safety and Health Administration. That way, the workplaces will have standards that are sufficient to make the workers not be at risk. It would test equipment, and let the people know about hazards in the workplace. The funding for programs about safety that are passed at the state and federal governments only mention practices on agriculture that don’t endanger workers. The party says to let OSHA interpret these practices so people could see what is going on.

The party also is focusing on Democracy and Electoral reform. It is trying to get people to participate from the local level, and wants to get more politicians and bureaucrats that have more experience over there as opposed to just Washington. One of the main key values of the California Green Party is called Grassroots democracy. It is where the people themselves choose their own lives by their futures, and have their own priorities. This way, people will exercise their humanity in the most effective way. According to the Democracy and Electoral Reform of the party, it explicitly says that to accomplish the goal, they would “focus on proportional representation. It [would] give voters more choice, allow more voters to vote for winners, and break up [a] two-party monopoly, which discourages participation.”

The party itself doesn’t offer actual “links” to any other American political parties, but it is part of the overall Green Party as stated in its name. The overall party is called the Green Party because it focuses on the “Green” movement. The party does have liberal views on things since it focuses on equality for the main part. There are many liberal oriented parties with this type of view, but the California Green Party doesn’t have any explicit descriptions of any parties with similarities.

Overall, I like this political party because of all of the goals it is trying to achieve. The major part of this party is liberal, and I follow liberal political views. The California Green Party is a sector of the overall Green Party of the United States, and the Green mainly comes from the views of the party. One of the things listed about the party was about the environment, and getting rid of a concept called Toxic Racism. That concept really hurts the lower income people, and moving away from concepts like that will move towards equality. It also supports community-based sustainable economics, which shows that the party has a goal of effective government spending. The party wants to let people know what is going on, instead of keeping it to themselves. It furthermore goes into details about securing the lives of individuals, peace and nonviolence, and safety in the workplace in order to show how the party is helping the people life in a safer community. The party is “Green” in its movement, and wants everyone to participate through the Democracy and Electoral Reforms.

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