The Captains of Industry: Big Business Leaders

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Big business, science, and technology help to promote industrial growth in many ways. First they all let industries increase their efficiency and production rate because on new inventions and advances in doing things. Some new inventions were the Spinning Jenny and Cotton Gin which both benefited the textile industry. This also helps to increase the profits made and makes it much easier to mass produce items. These profits can then be put back into the business, enterprises, or the economy to cause even more growth and change. With this growth of industries industrialization soon spread to other countries after Britain like Germany the United States, and France.

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The tenement system is where a house is divided into multiple sections to house more than one family. The tenements usually started off as a one family home that then has multiple stories added to it to fit in more than one family usually there were 5 families to a room. Most of the time tenements were built badly out of very cheap materials. Some of the characteristics of a tenement is having no running water, no indoor plumbing, air pollution from the nearby factories, having multiple stories, and having garbage and feces everywhere in the street. The standard of living in a tenement was very low as they are very dirty and crammed with a lot of people. Some of the effects tenements had on people during the Industrial Revolution is a lack of personal hygiene, suffering due to overcrowding, and fast spreading of diseases. The people living in these houses were the usually the working class Proletariats or poor farmers.

Big business leaders were viewed by some as “Captains of Industry” while others saw them as “Robber Barons”. Some People saw them as “Captains of Industry” because they helped to provide people with jobs and technology along with owning factories that produced many useful goods used around the world. Others saw them as “Robber Barons” because they were very aggressive in trying to take out their opponents and or advisories. They also made their money from the Proletariats working hard in their factories where they were usually abused.

Workers wanted to improve their living and working conditions and they tried a few different ways to do this. First with working conditions people tried to bargaining with their bosses based on how skillful they were in their job, though this did not always work. They then went on to create labor unions and this way they could elect people to bargain on their behalf which worked a lot better. When things don’t go their way they went on strike forcing the boss to grant them what they wanted or at least come to a compromise. Working conditions were also improved by the passing of The Factory Acts, in 1833. As for living conditions workers banded together to create mutual-aid groups along with groups to help the sick or injured. They also improved living conditions by making extra money from their jobs that they could spend on clothes, food, and medicine.

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