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The Cart Supermart Review

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We have a business of supermarket with the name of “THE CART SUPERMART”. We started a business with aim of rising it to the international level, and we accomplished by providing all the necessities of life as one person can buy under one roof and by satisfying our customers and fulfilling their needs with our services. And today we have our four branches, 3 branches are in Pakistan and 1 branch is in Dubai.

It is a self service shopping with the wide range of food, households, electronics, grocery and all other necessities required in life. The Cart Supermart occupies large area for bigger and better shopping. The marts are located in the commercial areas so that it can be convenient for customers to visit. We have the area of covered car parking and also facilitate our customers with valet service for their cars. In our mart we typically comprises fresh food item by taking care of proper hygiene for maintaining better image in the market.

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Departments are created to make it easier for our customers to get what they want. For the guidance we have set the maps in every other corner and highly trained staff. In every department we have proper racks attached with the wall and goods are genuinely placed in appropriate order so that customer can easily observe the commodity of his need. In every department we have allotted two to three employees who have complete knowledge of the product to guide customer according to their requirements. We also have the separate department for garmentsclothing in variety of ladies and gents and attached huge area of children’s clothing. It also includes the shoes and accessories, cosmetics and pharmacy, electronics and many other departments of different variety.

In our supermarket, it was HRM responsibility to hire worthy employees according to their qualities, experiences, qualification etc, and to train them in which they are hired. In our supermarket we have 150 employees in each branch who works accordingly. Our managers have guided them to make smooth communication with customers so they can have the satisfied service. Employees have bit strict relation with their managers and manager have set friendly relation environment between employees to employees.

‘The Cart’ is a supermarket which is established by combine efforts and investment of its five partners. We opened our first store in Karachi, in 2013. With complete determination and hard work and much positive response of our consumers we were able to expand our business and launched our branches in Lahore and Faisalabad. Recently we have opened one more store abroad, in Dubai. This happens to be a great start to compete in international market. Taking an initiative to expand globally improved our company’s profile which attracts our customers in Pakistan and likewise in Dubai. ‘The Cart’ at the moment is one of the leading supermarket brand in Pakistan due to its vast variety of products with most affordable rates and quality service.

As a leading wholesale distributor, our aim is to provide quality products and service to our consumer in a cost effective manner, enabling our employees to excel in serving our buyers. We prioritize our primary objectives as:

  1. Providing a clean environment for better shopping experience.
  2. A safe & secure place to choose.
  3. Cost effective products.
  4. Include products categories according to our consumer demand.

Our mission is to globalize our business by keeping our customer satisfaction as our first priority. Our company seeks to be on top when it comes to the pricing of products that will be significantly reduced for our customers & providing them excellent service to keep our customers at ease with equal level of quality.

The Five Year Plan

“We are going to prepare for the future by investing aggressively” The CART. Over the next five year our good have been set through which we will be continuing to grow and expend the business and will surely serve our existing communities by giving our very best efforts. Looking at the size and engagement of our community, our progress is increasing verily. Our vision/plan has (4) fours year elements which describes the kind of company it is aspires to be. These are:

  • To be wanted and needed around the world and to have our stores in all major cities of Pakistan.
  • To be an inspiring, trust worthy to our customers as well as maintaining quality relationship with our colleagues and communities.
  • To be an innovative, modern and full of ideas.

Our core purpose is simple: “A satisfied customer surely visits again.” Our plan is to provide our customers pleasurable shopping experience at scale. Our growth sales were increased by 25% this year and keeping the statistic in mind we have set a target to increase the sales by 70% over the next five years. We will be launching our mobile applications on android as well as IOS, which will be more convenient for our customers. The application will launch from year 2019. This application will allow customers to set a time when they want their order to be ready.

Human Resources Management

HR Highlights: The human resources management is a department in an organization which is considered to be the heart of an organization whose job is to make sure that the best individuals are , among the pools of organization, and then selected for the vocant position.

Employees are the most valuable assets in a company and this is why HR department works. A screening interview is taken by the HR`s of the company which is the first step to determine whether the applicant has the qualification, abilities and experience required for the job in the company.HR assistants, after turning of individuals arrange training programs for hired employees to enhance their skills for betterment of the company. Training and development is one of the key HR function aimed to improve the competency of an employee in order to increase the productivity and performance

Functions of HRM: Another aspect which is of major importance is employee management . HRM have the responsibility to take care of the employee and they are the reason behind employee satisfaction. If any conflict arises between employees or between employer and employee HR is put in charge to take care of situation. It is HR manager`s responsibility to protect the interest of the employer and employee.

A further duty of HR includes compensation and benefit giving to employees such as medical facilities, pension schemes, retirement benefits, profit sharing ETC. Employees need to be given favorable working environment and their payment of salaries is in accordance with their performance and should meet the national minimum wage criteria.

Employee performance is judged and evaluated and they are promoted according to their performance and endeauer. HR management`s main objective is to bring employees together to achieve the organizational goals. Friendly work place is made to make it possible for the employees to balance family and work and to maintain a healthy work environment and can contribute to the organization goals. Due to the rapid changes in currency rate we have to adjust our marketing and sales policies accordingly.

Social: Social factors mostly include the customs and culture of the selected region. It has an immense effect over businesses. We have chosen our products based on the culture here such as not selling products including alcohol, pork etc.

Technological: Technological factors such as we have to adapt the recent IT development in our industry and keep an eye on the recent trends and how we can use them to reach people and attract customers.

SOSTAC Approach for “THE CART”

It Stands for,

  • ‘S’ For situation Analysis
  • ‘O’ for objective
  • ‘S’ for strategy
  • ‘T’ for tactics
  • ‘A’ for action
  • ‘C’ for control

Situation Analysis: The Supermarket industry is highly competitive and dominated by several giant companies. But we are operating in densely populated cities like Karachi, Lahore and Faisalabad and the number of consumer there are higher than rate of supply so we can still survive and prosper in the market. Since our target market is very wide so there is optimum chance to flourish as a big company.

Objectives: Our main goal is to drive maximum sales by always being the first choice of customers. Since we have to work on low profit so our sales graph has to be above or at least equal to our competitors.

Strategy: Our segment and target market are mainly the people aged above 20. Mostly it includes people who shop regularly by the end of week, Housewives whom are responsible for grocery shopping, retailers and Bulk Buyers.

Tactics: To achieve our goals and objectives we have created a plan to strategize upon.We survive on low purchase prices from manufacturers and sell directly to the end consumer hence we delete the middle man or whole-sellers and their commission. This would benefit the consumer and would help in minimize the price. We have focused the two P’s of marketing as price and promotion because this is what can most focus on.

Action: We have taken prominent actions according to our planned strategy and created supply chain and operations departments to manage our imported products and for completion of consumer’s demands.

Control: We have established a quality control department to recheck the expiry of food stuff and to make sure each and every product of our inventory qualifies the quality standards which have been set by the organization.

Customer Relationship Management: For a business to grow in tough competition its relationship with customers has to be perfect. We have a created a team for interacting with our customers to provide them after-the-sale support for any product regarding complaint and for taking feedbacks about our service. We are letting our customers aware of new offers and promotions by running a campaign over messaging and social media so that we can best manage relations with our customers.

Marketing sounds incomplete without Advertisement because it is a major source of exposure for your business. There are different medium of advertisement such as, TV commercials, Radio, newspaper, magazines, broachers, sign boards and the most effective social media. We have chosen the following three ways to advertise our business:

Social Media

Social media is the cheapest and most effective form of advertising. Paid video ads on facebook are creating much impact as much as a TV commercial and it is comparatively very cheap. We have allotted a budget for social media in which we select our targeted audience based on our segment and launch campaigns in form of sponsored posts and videos.

Sign boards

Sign board are the most effective way of advertising. we pay to advertising agency who displays our banner for a week on the board. it attracts every passer by and creates awareness of your brand. they are much costly but in densely populated cities they worth the money.

News Paper

Advertising through newspaper is old but yet an effective method. it is because of the segment of newspaper and our target market is similar in sense that the people who read newspapers and magazine are of same age bracket that we are targeting we have to consider it as a priority.


In every business promotion is necessary for publicity and selling of the commodities. To promote our supermarket we have chose several promoting techniques through which we can increase our sales.

Aim of Promotion

Aim is to inform and encourage customers to buy, or at least trial the product.

Personal selling:

Through SMS: We promote our mart and its facilities via SMS to make people aware about what we are providing and what offers we are providing to them in our store. Through SMS they can easily be informed by this.

In-store selling: In our supermarket we are promoting the in-store selling, we have provided separate space in the department to supply their product by promoting.

Sales Promotion: Through sales promotion we offers extra’s for certain time period. Usually we offer sales in Ramadan on the grocery items, also offers wide sale after Eids for minimum time to increase our sales and to promote as well.

Consumer Promotion: Apart from other promotions we are doing the sampling of different commodities, where supplying companies set their stalls in mart for testing of their product by giving people sample of it to taste and to get reviews of product.

Rebates: Instead of rebate (cash refunding) we are providing our customers a LOYALTY CARD. In this card if a person does shopping of particular amount, we provide them points in their loyalty card through which they can buy anything from points instead of cash.

Price Pack: We provide price packs to make our sales fast by packing five to six commodities in a pack in retail prices. This makes our sales better and promote it too.

Premiums: We also provide offers of premium like, with some certain product one object is given as gift which also helps us to increase our sales. As in days of school reopen we are giving a lunch box and a water bottle with the pack of biscuit. And with an ink pen refill is given free.

Points of Purchase: Other than that if a consumer does shopping on particular amount, then he/she will be given a voucher for lucky draw and sweepstakes opportunity to win exciting prizes

Corporate social responsibility (CSR)

Corporate social responsibility is an activity companies do for the betterment of the society. Or in other words it is a technique for seeking attension or customers towards the company. CSR’s issue is something we all should focus on, many countries government and business take that issue seriously and they all are concerned about it.

Identification of the responsibility that business that business should have shown for envoirnmental and social factors, as well as economic factors that the business have conventionally focused on. As supermarkets are reaching heights and money making seems necessary that they now begin to focus on CSR issues, and respond to expectations and prime concerns of society.

CSR Activities: There are millions of CSR activities we can do for society but as per supermarket we provide following CSR activities.

1) Facilities to poor people:

As per our scale we provide some food to poor people for their household, nessecities to run their houses, people who works on daily wages and just to make both ends meet:

On the scale of every 10,000Rs we donate 500Rs to needy people.

Some times we help them through cash and sometimes with packages which includes nearly all necessary items used In our daily life.

2) Free medical check UPS:

We are providing free medical checkups to the people living in rural areas who doesn’t have that much resources and where there are lack of hospitals due to which people move to cities for their medical treatment.

We will be providing full body checkup for poor people and try to give them proper treatment aswell, Or to inform them that from where they can go for the treatment of the diseases.

We are also doing first aid programs to aware the public because it is necessary for people living in areas. Many deaths take place just because of the lack of knowledge and lack of first aid.

We live in this society so this is our duty to improve our society as much as we can do, And if we do CSR activities from the profit we generate from our business these little investment also includes to overall betterment of the society. Or in other definition people sympathizingly purchase our products because of our so-called goodnesses Includes working for overall betterment of the society.


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