The Cask of Amontillado and Other Stories Written by Edgar Allan Poe

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Poe’s awareness of the consciousness of the masses compelled him to take their ideology as a manipulable fiction and insinuate it in his authorial narration. As Greenblatt states, great writers are the great manipulators of the existent symbolic economy of their culture. As they construct their resonant stories and take advantage of the language, they shatter the boundaries among the symbolic materials in order to change their significance. Therefore, the works of a writer become the structures for representation, alteration, and transmission of social practices and cultural norms. Despite inventing various genres, Poe had to utilize the prevalent symbolic economy of nineteenth century America.” 

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Edgar was an author that shaped my childhood, as for he did many others. Poe was an author that I grew up reading about and learning about from a very young age. I remember being in third grade and my English teacher would have mandatory story time every morning. She had many books, but we always steered toward the literature that Poe had written. Poe was a writer that many loved, and for children at that age, we were very intrigued. His poems brought us happiness even when the tone was dark and moody. Poe was a suspenseful writer that had a horror twang, yet he was a romantic writer, who loved grammar.

In the works of Poe, he would have a dark way of putting things. He lived a dark life due to unfortunate events in his life that had a major impact on him. The Cask of Amontillado, The Masque of the Red Death, The Tell-Tale Heart, are just a few of the outstand literatures that he created and exposed to the world that would soon affect others and literature altogether as we know it today. Most do not realize the imagery that Poe would use in his writings. I remember being small and closing my eyes as my teacher would read to us, and I would picture exactly what she was reading to us. I could see it plain as a Bob Ross picture. It was like I was in the literature with him. It always stood out to me how he was so dramatic. He had a strong sense of humor and he knew how to use his imagination to go along with it.

“Edgar Allan Poe maintained an active interest in science throughout his career, and he was one of the first writers to take up Shelley’s new kind of story, though we have no evidence that he actually was influenced by her. While Frankenstein was still regarded as a simple horror story, Poe focused on what distinguished it from other stories. The story was set in his own time, and it depended upon the reader’s identification with the reality at the beginning of the story. In a note appended to the story when it was later published in his first collection of short stories in 1840, Poe argued that his story of a trip to the moon attempted ‘to give plausibility by scientific detail.’ 

“Poe acquires a secure place within American literary tradition under the ever-embracing effect of eighteenth-century sovereign authorship upon our conception of artists. Critics’ formation of his place, however, significantly betrays an inherent problem of that effect.” 

Poe shaped the way that writing will be forever taken in the entire world. He shaped many different authors and he influenced other great authors to use his style of dark and horrid writing that is appeasing enough to catch the readers ear enough to keep coming back for more. That is how we like it in todays literature.  

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