The Cask of Amontillado Mood

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The Cask Of Amontillado Mood

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 “The Cask of Amontillado” by Edgar Allen Poe is about young Montresor planning revenge against someone who wronged him. This story talks place in Italy during a carnival. Montresor meets Fortunato and tells him he has Amontillado. Then Fortunato agrees and goes down to Montresor’s family catacombs. When they get down there Montresor starts to get him more intoxicated than he already was. When they finally get to where Fortunato thinks they got to the Amontillado Montresor chains him up in a small room. Soon after this happens he starts building a wall to trap him in and tease him. Overall I think the movie was a good representation of the book. I believe this because it still provided everything that happened in the book and more. Plus the movie added a lot of extra details and extra parts to the story.

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One thing the movie helped me understand more was the image and age of both characters because you got to see them as actual people and not what you picture in your head. In the book, I pictured Montresor more in his mid-thirties or forties. Instead in the movie, it played out as if he was in his twenties. Also, I pictured the costumes to be more detailed because in the booked they made the costumes sound more extravagant. Then in the movie, they were kind of plain. The movie also helped create more of a mood that helped me envision the story a little better. I think what helped influence the mood was the eerie music, the tone of their voices, and the darkness in the scenes. But I think one thing I think the movie could have added was more detail in the catacombs. Like they could’ve added all the bones and skulls. Another thing they could’ve added was the smaller room that was played out in the story. Because it was bigger in the movie than in the book. So in conclusion a lot of details were shared in both versions of the story. But the movie could’ve put in a little more details of the catacombs and what carnival is actually like because in the movie carnival wasn’t as busy and exciting.

So after watching/ reading both representations of the story I concluded that the movie did provide a very good representation of the story and I mainly believe this because the movie had every aspect that the story did and then some. The movie also helped me grasp more details such as the ages of the characters and also the mood of the story. So personally I liked the movie better. I think this because the movie was fun to watch and it gave me more detail and more aspects of the story. I also like how in the movie there’s music so it gives you more suspense than just reading the book and getting a sense of suspense by adjectives and dialogue between the two characters.    

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