The Cause and Effects of Bully

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According to The Oxford, Dictionary Bullying is defined as the use of superior strength or influence to intimidate (someone), typically to force them to do something. Bullying is one of the aggressive behavior among school aged children that involves a real or perceived power imbalance. Both kids who are bullied and who bully others may have serious lasting problems. Mostly, those who bully others use the victim’s personal information or their own physical strength against the victim to show their power. Bullying can occur anywhere but nowadays it happens mostly in schools. The type of bullying has changed literally as now people tend to do extremely violent things until the victim can be injured or killed. There are three types of bully such as physical bully, verbal bullying and cyberbullying.

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There are several causes of bullying. First of all, when a person picks on someone for always being the first to raise their hand in class, or getting the best grade on tests and ruining the curve, or even picking up many of the promotions at work, the bully is probably jealous or frustrated with the person they are bullying. Some of the things that make people different are generally neutral characteristics, but some, like being smart, focused, or creative often represent attributes that the bully wishes they shared with their victim. By seeking to undermine someone else’s skills, bullies try to create a more level playing field. Another possible bullying situation is when the bully may actually share the characteristic for which they are bullying the other person.

They may be embarrassed by their own intelligence and fear being called a nerd, so they make the accusation of someone else. Those who bully because of a person’s sexual orientation may still be trying to figure out their own and come to terms with it. Other than this, the feeling of powerlessness also being one of the causes of bullying. That feeling comes from a problem at home. For kids, this might be a situation such as excessive fighting in the home, parents getting a divorce, or a close family member suffering from an addiction to drugs or alcohol. For adults, problems in a marriage from disloyalty to general estrangement may lead them to exaggerate their own authority to the point of bullying. Kids who push others around are often driven by the need for power. They enjoy being able to subdue others.

These types of kids are typically impulsive and hot-headed and they thrive when their victims cower in their presence. Besides that bullies come from dysfunctional families. There are some parents out there being as an example of inappropriate behavior, such as aggressive acts towards friends, siblings, and other people. Mostly it’s not because of their natural characteristics. They observing their parent’s behavior and applying it in their life. By this, sometimes the bully gets rewarded for the activity. This lets them bully other to showcases their violence towards other. Bullying has the effects for both the bully and the victim. Students who are bullied tend to lose concentration in studies or struggle to focus on academics. They will feel scared, nervous, loneliness, shyness and stressed up when they were bullied. This will affect their grades in school exams. They will become low active in classrooms and won’t participate in any activities. Some students leave school or miss school when they realize that they are not doing well in schools after having been bullied. Next, a victim will be physically and emotionally not stable.

They will even suffer socially as well. Victims will not be mentally stable due to over bully and they end up being depressed. Some victim tends to not share their problem and keep everything to themselves and this can give them mental sickness. Students who engage in bullying also risk poor long-term outcomes, including leaving school early. Some students engage in bullying for a short time only and then stop either because they realize it’s wrong or they are supported to learn more appropriate behavior. A small group of students continues to bully others for many years. Parents and schools need to support those who bully others to learn more appropriate ways to get on with others and deal with conflict and social challenges. Other than this, depression and anxiety is also one of the effects of bullying. People who are bullied will experience the different level of anxiety. Most of the kids or children’s who are bullied won’t share it with their parents or other people.

When they keep it to their self about this matter, they will insecure about their life. From this, they will be so stressed and depressed. It will cause some health issue as well. This may lead to a serious issue. Bullying will also impact the whole-school community. Bullying has detrimental effects on students' health, well-being, and learning. It can make students feel lonely, unhappy and frightened. It’s not just the students being bullied who are affected. Most students say they don’t like seeing bullying in their school – it makes them feel worried and uncomfortable. There are several ways to control this bullying issue. Firstly counseling and therapy will be the good options.

They can help the victim to divert their mind to focus on studies. Parents should always give space to their children to talk. Parents should stay connected to their children by talking with them after they come back from school by asking them about the day at school. By doing this parents will be able to notify the difference between them and can help to solve the problem. Lastly, parents should talk to their respective teacher if they found out any difference in their children behavior. As a conclusion, everyone should be beware of this bully issue. Parents and teachers should teach some moral values to their students. This makes them understand the effects of bullying and it can help to prevent bully cases in our country.

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