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The Cell Phone Case

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That is the sound of a phone vibrating throughout the classroom. Like every other student, one can hurriedly mute the phone but still have the urge to check who sent a notification. They end up tuning out of the teaching, which results in not understanding the work that is needed to be done. This can develop into a habit that can carry through adulthood. Society says that phones are today’s source of information-whether it is related to academy work or just entertainment. But the truth is, people sometimes get lured into checking their phones, resulting in the focus level decreasing. As for students, it has a bad effect on studying, causing multiple distractions. Not having phones in school also decreases the chances of a student cheating on a test or exam. These are the reasons why phones should be banned from school for a greater learning experience. Phones cause various disturbances in learning because of the temptation to reach out and grab the phone to check notifications is resolute. It makes pupils lose out on the discussion, making them believe that it is “alright” to be using the phone while a teacher is lecturing. Not only is it disrespectful to the teacher, but it can be a second-hand distraction to other classmates who are actually trying to concentrate on the lesson. Because learning needs all the focus you can get, the human brain cannot be half listening to the lesson while the other half is on a device. Memorization of the work is going to take a longer time and signifies that it is not a sufficient way to study.

These points are based on experiences of having gone through the “system” of losing focus during school. Banning cell phone use in school could possibly decrease the odds of these circumstances happening. Cell phones are not only the source of all the information in the world, but the facts on the internet could be taken for granted. Sometimes desperate times calls for desperate measures, and students may take the advantage to cheat using their phones. Banning phones can reduce the risks of using a device to cheat. Even when teachers say that no phones are allowed to be used during a test, the phone is physically still in their possession in the room. Students can still sneakily use their cell phone when no one is looking, which is unfair to peers who actually study for tests. If they are discovered cheating, it can result in them failing the course. Thus, why risk these factors when it could be simply avoided?

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As a result, phones should be banned in school because it is the number one cause of disturbance in the classroom, and can be used to cheat on an exam or test. It is beneficial in many ways such as more alert listening skills, as well as completing work assignments efficiently. It does not harm anyone if they are not able to use their phones during school hours (which is merely seven hours), as they are still privileged to use it elsewhere. Summing it all up, phones should be used responsibly for a greater educational experience for everyone.


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