The Challenges Faced by the Students in Hostel Life

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Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Literature Review
  • Concept and Functions of Student's Living Environment
    On-Campus Living Environment
    Off-Campus Environment
    Brief Overview of Turiba Hostel Life
  • Student's Behavioural Intensions in Hostels
  • Hostel Environment Satisfaction
  • Importance of Hostel Environment


This study paper will go through the life style of students who lives in hostels which helps the author to understand better about the environment where the students live. To execute the theme of this course paper, author took the hostel of Turiba, Riga Latvia for the research. From this research the author can understand the main challenges faced by the students and it will help the author to find out the resolutions for the same. In order to attain the theoretical knowledge, the author has to go through a number of scientific articles which helps to get more knowledge about the importance of client or students’ attitude in hostels. The research was carried out by the author in the month of January 2020.

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Literature Review

Concept and Functions of Student's Living Environment

“Thoughtful young people of all countries could be provided with suitable meeting places where they could get to know each other” words from Richard Schirrmann who created the concept of hostel life in the year 1909. Student hostel will pay an important role in students life in their academics. Student hostels gives support to the students to invest their more time on their education, especially if the hostel is close to the study campus. According to (Crimmin, 2018), they came with 3 proposals that help every students living environment very productive the were “a sense of security and attachment, process for involvement and experience of neighbourhood.

On-Campus Living Environment

Students that have a positive encounter are bound to oversee their program to culmination and have expanded fulfilment with their general college experience. The accompanying investigations exhibit that while on-campus living may appear to be identical in numerous spots, the manner in which the program is seen and experienced by the students isn't. (Popovics as refered to in Thomsen, 2008) that comfort, autonomy, security, and protection were points of interest, in spite of the fact that appearance limitation, rules, and commotion were seen as negative components of living in the on-campus environment.

Through the eyes of (Thomsen, 2008) there are many advancement living in on campus environment because the students can make a capacity to be on a feasting plan, students can initiative chances, area near campus, capacity to pick where to live, scholastic help accessible, and rapid Internet association.

Things that were noteworthy negative indicators were, capacity to prepare suppers, length of rent/contract, vicinity to campus and town, private restroom, and stopping facilities, capacity to live with or close companions, and capacity to contemplate where you live. They likewise found the most huge indicators of coming back to the on-campus lodging were likewise commonly noteworthy negative indicators of living off campus.

Off-Campus Environment

Noteworthy positive purposes behind students aiming to live off-campus were the capacity to prepare suppers, length of rent/contract, nearness to campus/town, stopping convenience, capacity to live with or close to companions, and a private restroom which triggers the hygiene. Critical negative, (Dasimah et al, 2011) revealed that scholarly accomplishment of off-campus students are not affected by the environment albeit living as off-campus is said to be more testing than remaining on campus.

Brief Overview of Turiba Hostel Life

There are 148 encouraged rooms in the young lodging. The all out number of seats surpasses 550. Mutual shower premises and toilets are finished, and there are two kitchens in the every one of lodging's floors. There is offered 2-bed and 3-bed rooms on the off chance that there are free spaces.

There are many services provided by Turiba Hostel. A Computer lab with Internet get to (working hours from 7.00 a.m. till 3.00 a.m.), relaxing room with TV set, free WiFi, hairdressing salon, game room (table-tennis), a laundry. There is a huge parking area beside the adolescent inn. All the visitors are welcome to have a dinner in the café or refectory from 8.00 a.m. till 8.00 p.m. The Hostel Turiba is arranged inside a 10-minute train ride from the focal point of Riga.

But what really matters is the culture of Turiba hostel, since the hostel accommodates more than 500 individuals creates the place very diverse. The major thing that the students should focus is the behaviour. Since all the students are from various nations, it always takes some time to know how to adjust and cooperate with the environment.

Student's Behavioural Intensions in Hostels

From the Ajzen and Fishbein's hypothesis of contemplated activity, behavioural intensions are the remarkable data or quick forerunner of somebody for playing out a specific conduct which is under full volitional control (Madden et al., 1992). Outstandingly that BIs when all is said in done are the sign of maintenance (great) or deserting (troublesome) communicated by the clients (Zeithaml et al., 1996).

In guaranteeing the consistent business, conveyance of any assistance should consistently be off a decent quality to keep the current clients instead of to cause more cash to catch new clients. In lodging contemplates, furthermore, (Carpenter and Oloufa, 1995) set that BIs are the occupants' reaction to the environment and the office on how well their structure's needs and objectives have been bolstered. Along these lines, (Zeithaml et al., 1996) and (Olorunniwo et al. , 2006) confirmed that BIs can be classified into two sorts as great BIs which comprise of devotion thought and ominous BIs which lie about disloyalty thought.   

Hostel Environment Satisfaction

This thing shows the reaction of living satisfaction from students on the general view of understudy lodging offices. As indicated by (Nayor, 2009), this thing is about an inclination reaction and it falls under the full of feeling measurement. (Sirgy et al. 2006); guarantee that living satisfaction will add to generally life satisfaction. Thomsen (2008) contends that more noteworthy understudy living satisfaction can be accomplished through a less institutional lodging air that advances a homelike environment. In the event that the institutional environment is inviting, students will be exceptionally happy with the surroundings all in all (Thomsen and Eikemo, 2010). Good environments in understudy lodging are conceptualized where it can invigorate a quietness, less swarming, security and appropriate room sizes . In this way, total living satisfaction can be acquired when understudy needs are met (Khozaei et al., 2012).

Models of the determinants of understudy can incorporate a wide assortment of variables identified with understudy traits, for example, race, sex, sexual direction, age, financial status, confidence, medication and liquor use, learning style, scholarly accomplishment; and establishment qualities, for instance living or lodging conditions, on-campus social spaces and recreation exercises, racial/ethnic decent variety, predominant culture, etc (Chow, 2005; Sirgy et al., 2007). An examination of the of students in college living arrangements will in general incorporate things from the two classes.

Importance of Hostel Environment

As a unit of the environment, housing has significant impact on the wellbeing, effectiveness and social welfare of the network (Omole, 2001). Students' hostel structure some portion of the offices that students take into thought before settling on a decision of the school they expect to visit among different contemplations (Price et al., 2003). This thusly makes it basic for schools to give students housing a top need while upgrading the notoriety of the school among different counterparts

Satisfaction is being a procedure of assessment between what was gotten and what was expected is the most generally received portrayal of client satisfaction in the current writing (Parker and Mathews 2001) accepts that client satisfaction positively affects an association's productivity, instructive foundation comprehensive. A few creators further express that it isn't sufficient to just satisfy clients yet significantly, guarantee clients are very fulfilled.

Subsequently, it is significant that exploration is directed to discover understudy satisfaction in hostels offices set up in light of the fact that when students are happy with the offices gave in their home corridors, it will prompt upgrade in the scholarly greatness of the students and decrease in grievances being recorded against the administration among others. 

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