The Chance of Citizenship: Should Illegal Immigrants Be Made Legal Citizens

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How often do you think people realize the effect of immigration and wonder how it feels like to live a life as an immigrant? As emotional as it would be having more legal immigrants will cause a disaster in our country we will have to pay the consequences. About 40 million people in the United States are immigrants and the number is rising every day. With immigrants there wouldn’t be much Americans doing the hard jobs like construction, and field work because industries will use the immigrants to do the work for cheaper. They’ll pay the immigrants less than an American but it will leave us citizen’s jobless.

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Immigrants aren’t different from American citizens, they are the human beings that are trying to live their life, and get a better future for their children. Even so that can affect us American citizens that were born here. The United States starts to get crowded and some even become jobless and homeless. Immigrants are taking homes, jobs and even education from the people of the United States when they themselves aren’t even citizens. In the article in the Atlantic it states “while 17 percent say they should be allowed to become permanent legal residents but not citizens, and 19 percent say they should be identified and deported”(Robert P). We as American citizens should come together to protect our country from illegal immigrants. Open the eyes of the blind who support immigration they will bring trouble. In an article in the Atlantic it states, “36 percent say that immigrants are a burden on the country because they take jobs, housing, and healthcare” (Robert P. Jones). We are providing immigrants to come to the United States that doesn’t mean they can take our jobs, housing or even our healthcare. We have been here for so long fighting for our country’s for our rights and they just walk in and get our freedom we won. In the article Undocumented immigrants it states “sanctuaries- a loosely defined term used to describe local government that restrict police from assisting immigration authorities in identifying and detaining people suspected of being in the country illegally”(Rubin). The immigration deportation should do their job correctly and deport those people that are undocumented and life in the United States illegally.

We give immigrants the possibility to become refugees even though they were illegal and we have no idea what they can do or who they are. In the article center for immigration studies it states “Most unauthorized residents either entered the United States without inspection or were admitted temporarily and stayed past the date they were required to leave. . .'(United States Department of Homeland Security). The Action that is done is illegal; they could be sent to court and deported. People that are and live in the U.S, that are undocumented are sometimes cold aliens. Alien is used for a foreign “born person” it’s used in the states labor code. In the why did we ever call undocumented immigrant ‘aliens’, the article states, “California Governor Jerry Brown signed a law that removes the word 'alien' from the state's labor code…—but the vocabulary shift is still important to many”(Pacific Standard). People that are too blind to see the effect of having immigrants will do anything to help them. They are just hurting themselves and others by taking our homes and jobs. In the article What Americans Actually Think About Immigration it also states “Asylum seeker refers to someone who has applied for refugee status and is waiting to hear the result of their claim” (Jones). We give immigrants time to become refugees and a reason not to come into the U.S illegally. Not only that but they are tests that people can take to become American citizens.

The aliens have a chance to become refugees and with their actions of just coming in illegally it can bring consequences. To put it another way, in the law office, Carl Shusterman states, “The test consists of 10 questions about U.S. history and government. The applicant is required to answer at least 6 of these questions correctly” (Shusterman). They made an exam just for them to become citizens but they take the illegal and easy way of just coming in. Another example for this reason is when, Carl Shusterman states, “I administered the US citizenship test to 14 applicants each day. Most had no trouble passing” (Shusterman). They made this exam to be easier for them to pass but they still make the wrong decision and take the easy route. Another example of this reason is when, the United States Citizen and Immigration Service states, “When knowledge of U.S. history and civics finally became an explicit requirement for naturalization, the test remained primarily an oral quiz” (USCIS). As I said before they didn’t fight for our land so they don’t or won’t know our history to pass the exam and that will cause them to do something illegal.

In conclusion, you will have no trouble becoming a citizen by taking the Naturalization Civics test. As long as you only miss a few questions in the test you’ll pass and that is not good. Sometimes the people that make the test, try to throw you off, yet they should have made the exams more difficult. We should stop helping the people that come into our country illegally and start deporting them so we can have our homes and jobs back. Letting them stay longer will bring damages and we will have to fix the mistakes that happen that have consequences. 

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