The Change Brought by Dr Seuss' the Lorax to Environmental Thinking

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The European Postmodern and U.S. Contemporary Eras expressed a significant number of changes to the world in which we engage in today. Though people easily undermine the pivotal events in which led us to where we are, it is consequential that light is shed on these particular events before understanding the world in which we live in now. These include both the European and United States’ Great Depression, World War II, racial segregation, etc.. Though these tragic events are not included within the mentioned era, both the U.S. and Europe were greatly influenced by them and they got us to where we are today. For example, “In 2009, the economic stimulus bill helped prevent a depression by stimulating the economy.” (Kimberly 25 Feb. 2009) to prevent another national depression, World War II is also often spoken about in school settings and is taught to many kids, as Dr. Seuss did, and racial segregation earned steps backwards as Barack Obama was declared the first president of color in 2008 and the Civil Rights Act was signed in 1964. World War II however influenced the European Postmodern and U.S. Contemporary Eras more than any other event and was even alluded to by the world famous author, Dr. Seuss, as he shedded light on it’s true horror. He contributed much to these eras and changed the face of children’s literature.

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The European and Postmodern Era included many changes throughout the world as seen through art, literature, international relations, as well as the social side of the listed facets. Art during this time was revolutionizing, mostly during the 1950’s. Techniques were developed during the European Post-Modern era such as bricolage, collage, simplification, appropriation, performance art, and the recycling of past styles and themes in a modern-day context. “Major influences on the 1950s art were made by 1920s avant-garde movements, modernism, surrealism and abstract painting.” (R 9 Nov. 2016). It seems as if art picked up exactly where it had left off before the war and it had been greatly influenced by the pieces created and crafted pre-war. Literature changed much throughout these eras too and Contemporary American literature contained elements of the surreal, bizarre names, plots and consistent, biting commentary.

Dr. Seuss changed the way in which children’s writers wrote literature. He introduced profound forms of illustration in which he designed as well as used an odd and novel way of writing whimsically through rhyme and alliteration. He often included allusions throughout his books as well. For example, in his book, The Lorax he alludes to pollution and its undermined significance on the environment. MARVIN K. MOONEY WILL YOU PLEASE GO NOW! also has controversy surrounding it, as it regards President Nixon’s Watergate Scandal (though this hasn’t been proven). Possibly Ted Geisel’s most popular allusion is from Yertle the Turtle when he alludes to the Jewish Holocaust and Hitler’s unfortunate and sickly reign. The elements of language noted though-out this book that help to enhance the tone and meaning are specific but minimal. Doctor Seuss is well known for writing very “whimsical” pieces and he often includes rhyme , alliteration, and repetition. These help to create a child-friendly and child-fun piece, therefore making it lighthearted. After reading it, however, and identifying each specific event in which George Orwell alluded to Hitler, it makes for a very eerie and haunting piece of writing. Especially with the use of rhyme, alliteration, and repetition. Of course George Orwell would’ve never simply spoken of Hitler in one of his children’s books, he includes the events in which took place during Hitler’s hierarchy. It is clear he intends to establish the theme as one of equality. He does this by including WWII’s underlying story depicted throughout the book. Once again, this is George Orwell’s work so he would indeed include such forms of language throughout this children’s book. Something never seen or used before.

While the European Postmodern and U.S. Contemporary Eras included many world altering events and wars such as the Korean, Persian, and Gulf wars, as well as the bombing of the World Trade Centers, these eras include very many positive changes in which would inflict optimism in uprising generations. With Martin Luther King’s help, N.A.S.A’s technological advancements, new styles of music birthed from bands like The Beatles, the spread of enlightened philosophy and individualism, abstract art movements, and much more, the uprising generation will be influenced by much. They’ll be given access to things no one ever has, through either things such as space science or technological advancements…the uprising generation has much to look forward to in many different aspects of their lives.       

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