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The Change of Media Throughout the Years

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It’s hard to believe that only over a decade ago, our way of life was much different than it is today. Mass media has taken over and changed the way that we live every day.

Preschool Age

Back then, the only form of media I remembered using was watching a lot of blockbuster movies. It was my favorite thing to look forward to on Friday nights to go get a blockbuster movie to watch with my family. It was nice because it always encouraged family time together and embrace that time together, since no one had cell phones back then. So everyone lived in a very present moment. I would always ask my mom to buy toys and candy based off the movies and characters I watched from the films. We were the average targeted consumer.

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Elementary School

When I was in elementary school, I remember my uncle bought my little brother and I an entire Sega Dreamcast video game set. It was the most exciting gift I have every received. Every morning, we would get up early and start playing video games together. It was a lot of fun, because we were competitive and if we disagreed on something we would fight about it over a session of video games. When the Nintendo Gamecube came out, we would specifically buy the latest games based off movies that we watched. Like Shrek, Narnia, Super Mario, Etc. We always asked our parents for these games because they were the newest happening trend. We were impacted as consumers, because we thought that if you had a game like this in your possession, you would be considered the coolest kid on the block. Everyone would come over and hang out in the game room.

Middle and High School

I believe my favorite form of media would be social media. This type of media really changed the way society works. Social media is an amazing tool of today’s day in age because it involves sharing ideas, communicating with long distance relatives, availability of news, and even purchasing products or services. All this information is available right at our fingertips. Although, there were some social media sites before middle school, I didn’t really see the need or use for a social media site. It was back in middle school when Myspace just came out. I was so excited to hear about a website where I could share my photos with my friends and message them directly with fun emoji’s and instant conversations.

All my friends started using Myspace and it just became such a large part of my middle school years. I would spend a lot of time browsing and feeling like I could emphasize my profile and discovery of self with all the things I liked on there, including pictures, concerts, favorite music and bands, movies, places I liked to visit.

However, social media has its own negative aspect… it’s a hard pill to swallow, when you realize that once you post something online, it stays on there forever. I learned that the hard way… and now I unfortunately can’t log back into my account to remove anything that doesn’t resonate with me as who I am as a person today.

When I entered High school the entire social media phase became more of a Facebook realm: same thing, just a little more advanced. The interesting part was that it seemed like everyone dropped Myspace and went straight to Facebook.


According to the marketing charts of 2019, the use of Facebook is diminishing drastically primarily among the younger generation. I feel like I have fallen into the targeted demographic audience for the big Facebook phase which users are at age 25-29. The most usage of this age group is approximately 84%, rather than the younger generation that is about 76% for ages 18-24. The younger generation has leaned more towards Instagram and Snapchat digital platforms.

Currently, the media I mostly use is LinkedIn. Even though it’s not as fun as my usual social media site, I am able to go on there and make professional connections using my network to my advantage rather than just communicate with family. It’s like taking Facebook to the next level.


Needless to say, all media has changed with time over the past decade. Social media is now used in almost every part of our lives. It has impacted the American and international culture in so many ways. The development of technology is amazing. I think that we are blessed to have the opportunity to use this to our advantage. Social media has played an important role in shaping the way we think about politics, world culture, business, and education the way we connect every day, anywhere, anytime and anything.


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