An Analysis of Themes in Book About Malaysia

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A book starts with the development of writing. Content is the most important part of the book. For the past book are more in word and traditional. Every word is deeper in the depth in the meaning. It is hard to make everyone understand. For the low educated they are more difficult to read a book. The changes of the times make the book changing too. Now the book really changes it still have the word but it has the picture beside the word. This makes people easier to understand. For example one of the oldest local publisher Oxford Fajar they published the picture dictionary.

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A picture dictionary is a dictionary where the word is displayed in the form of a drawing or photograph. It is suitable for teaching a young student or older student. According to the research from the scientist, pictures are more attract and impact children brain. Besides that, the newest Oxford Fajar dictionary is also updated with the picture beside the word. Furthermore, the middle section of the dictionary; there have around 20 pages of pictures of animals, road signs, transports and more. Once the book has the picture will word it make people easier to understand and it will help them to develop the interest in reading. Next, in the past, the reference book is just a reference book it published for everyone but not everyone can understand. Only the highly educated can understand the content, the vocabulary and the theory but Oxford Fajar had fixed this problem with published a reference book for advanced learner version and student version. For the student, they can buy the student version it makes them more understandable and the language for the reference book are easier. Oxford Fajar also published school book and it is followed the local syllabus and also work with experienced educators to use the most current and effective ways and innovation in education. The content of Oxford Fajar is high quality because there was around 165 dedicated workforce continues to uphold the Oxford University Press mission of delivering quality academic and educational resources and making them available as widely as possible within the country to reflect Oxford Fajar excellence.

As we learn at the lecture from Miss Yau, there are three stages of Media development. The First stage is the Elite stage. For the elite stage, books are only for the elite people to read and an only a small group of people. The second stage is the popular stage. When it came to popular stage the platform of books are wider and allow for everyone to buys books easily and it is a very large group. The third is the specialized stage.For specialized stage example, Oxford Fajar has published a dictionary for advanced learner version and student’s version. The teenager now a day is more using their phone to read depending on the printed book. Oxford Fajar knows who they want to offer, so they’re launching application and eBook for the new era. Even old people are using a phone because it is very convenience. For phone, the application can be founded in ios and android platform. For personal computer such as a laptop, it can download from window store or through the official websites. The application can download reference books and quiz for offline. It syncs between pc, smartphone and tablets with the same account.

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