The Changing Nature of American Family


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In Milwaukee two American families are being interviewed and broadcasted for the past 20 years, watching their children grow and fortunes change. Work lives to change, upended by the powerful economic altering American landscape. Living paycheck to paycheck, Being left behind. Reveals the story of two American families. The first family spent a lot of time together at a young age. It was a beautiful type of love. She wanted to live the American dream. Lifes not about peaches and cream. The Newmans was working for Briggs a manufacturing company well-paid job. While the wife stayed home to watch the kids. Tony would make 18$ an hour paying a fraction of that. Terry the wife bought skincare products selling them door to door. She lost money on the deal and troubles have been getting worse. Both the Stanleys and the Neumanns are living paycheck to paycheck. The reasons are at once as individual and common as you might imagine, having to do with decisions concerning education and downturns in local and national economies. The children from both families see their parents struggling and tries to help them out, they want to raise their children to thrive and work in life. Because nothing in life is given, everything is earned. It’s good to support your family and the kids sell baseball cards, mowing the lawn, etc. From the functionalist viewpoint of human science sociology, every part of society is associated and adds to society’s steadiness and working all in all. For instance, the administration instructs the offspring of the family, which thus covers government expenses on which the state depends to keep itself running. That is, the family is reliant upon the school to enable kids to grow up to have steady employment with the goal that they can raise and bolster their own families. Simultaneously, the kids become reputable, taxpaying residents, who thus bolster the state.

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On the off chance that all goes well, the pieces of society produce request, dependability, and profitability. On the off chance that all does not go well, the pieces of society at that point must adjust to recover another request, solidness, and efficiency. For instance, during money-related subsidence with its high rates of joblessness and expansion, social projects are cut or cut. Schools offer fewer projects. Families fix their financial limits. Also, another social request, strength, and efficiency happen.

Functionalists accept that society is held together by social accord, in which individuals from the general public concur upon, and cooperate to accomplish, what is best for society all in all. This stands separated from the other two fundamental sociological points of view: emblematic interactionalism, which spotlights on how individuals act as indicated by their understandings of the significance of their reality, and strife hypothesis, which spotlights on the negative, clashed, regularly changing nature of society.

Functionalism has gotten analysis for disregarding the negative elements of an occasion, for example, separate. Pundits additionally guarantee that the point of view legitimizes the norm and lack of concern concerning society’s individuals. Functionalism does not urge individuals to play a functioning job in changing their social condition, notwithstanding when such change may profit them. Rather, functionalism considers dynamic to be changed as unfortunate because the different pieces of society will remunerate normally for any issues that may emerge. 

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