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Teachers are like an architect, moulding the soft clay of child into a beautiful piece of pottery. India is a land of Rishi and Muni who have exemplified the meaning of true education in society. Gurukul well associated with transforming life of an individual by not only making him ready to face challenges in life but also transformed the status of every individual in society. Aristotle said, “Those who educate the children are more to be honoured than their parents because these give them life but those the art of living well”. India has well defined these words by giving highest pedestal to ‘GURU’. India being a land of diverse cultures and religions has always emphasized on role of a teacher to impart not only knowledge but cultural heritage so as to create future leaders. The students were leading a life led by teachers, stepping in the gurukuls, learning the art of life and not just content providers. In ancient India, education was solely provided by Gurus and they were the perfect life changers who worked on account of their personal urge.

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With the advancement of life, development of technology transforming the standard of life, led to change in the role of a teacher as well. Due to the changing demands of the society, teacher’s role became more elaborative by inducing the thoughts that will create informed citizens of society. The child must be able to become advanced, socially able teacher where the role of a teacher shifted from not only being Gurus but also a friend, philosopher and guide. A country’s future actually lies in hands of a teacher to create such future citizens who are capable of leading the nation all together showing empathy towards each other.

Teaching is the only profession who creates all professions of life, be it an engineer, doctor, astronauts, entrepreneurs, creative heads. You name it,it’s all somewhere created by teachers only. The role of teacher varies from mentor to a friend. A teacher through his or her imagination can bring the world into the classroom so that the child is able to learn in all possible ways.

With the advancement of internet, teachers are not only content providers but also interpreter and designer of learning ways so as to create differential modules catering to child’s needs. Teacher’s role is to create leader in each one who can be an administrator to lead nation. Being the best mentor in child’s life, can create leaders or failures by finding out the eternal powers of every child.

Since the education system of 21st century has changed drastically with integration of technology in each aspect. The students are more wide-open to every information at a click of a mouse and being more mature needs to be handled in radically new vision of life. The value education has taken a back seat and prominence is mainly on career skills. Every parent expects their child to be in the highest paid profession without understanding that value education are the roots of these seeds which will transform them into a long lasting tree.

Being in the most competitive world of today, students have multiple options to choose for their career. Teacher needs to be great developer to cater to diverse philosophy. The future of a child will depend on 3I’s- Imagine, Invent and Inspire. It’s imperative for every teacher to instill all these 3 terms to a child’s life so as to be informed leaders in society. Imagination is a key step which can only be created by teachers. Teachers are not just teaching the basics of concepts but also making their kids to imagine what else they think can be made in future so as to develop a nation’s pride. Teacher is the one who ignites the spark in a child to imagine as wild as they can so that it can be channelized in right direction. Once this imagination has taken shape in a child’s mind, then it’s the duty of a teacher to lead into invention so that new aspects are created. Not only creating is important, it’s also relevant to inspire many others in such direction. This quality of sharing and spreading to others is the real role of a teacher.

A teacher cannot limit the child to their own knowledge as the children of today are born in the world of knowledge. The role is to channelize the available knowledge in the right direction so that it becomes an asset for the nation. Due to enormous amount of digital material available for a particular content it is the teacher only who can collaborate the available resources in the best possible manner enriching it with their experiences so that it becomes a lifelong learning lesson for a child. Practical examples interlinked with correct atmosphere can only lead to an everlasting impression in a child’s mind.

In order to be an effective star teacher, teacher has to be a lifelong learner. She needs to adapt with current advancements, updated with new discoveries, a role model for every child so that the child can imbibe the same values. A teacher has to be always learning and helping the child to learn so that she is young and forever in the child’s memories.

The teacher of today needs to be an effective listener, so as to understand the challenges of children of today. Children today are living in an atmosphere where they face lot of challenges be it in their family or peer group which may take them in the wrong direction. The role of a teacher is to be a keen observer to find the psychological situation of a child. In order to know the actual mindset of a child, teacher has to be a friend so that the child can vent out what he or she is going through. The teacher is the one who can mould the negatives in a child to bring in all positivies so as to create informed leaders in their domain.

A teacher not only needs to explore new tools of technology but also needs to be a challenge acceptor at all times. In the lifetime of a teacher, comes diverse set of students with varied talents. Teacher has transformed its role from being a knowledge provider to overall shapers of a child’s life being a friend in their life. She has to provide a conducive atmosphere to go beyond classrooms so that the child is compelled to learn more and more. With the help of a teacher, a child can go from a mere stone to a great building with the help of support provided by teachers like cement. A teacher’s role is to set goals for students, uplift their targets, and boost their confidence so that they can go ahead in their life.

The modern teacher needs to make students who develop their own learning, making them self-sufficient, creating interest for learning for life, and lastly to be an autonomous learner to lead a quality of life. The teacher needs to be equipped with all set of experiences and tools to cater these diverse needs of a child and to polish these raw stones into priceless piece of diamonds.


  1. National Curriculum Framework

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