The Charismatic Leadership Style and Skills Analysis

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Leadership is not skill develop but it’s a trait character to build by the individual with their knowledge, experience, commitment, patience and working for vision into reality, according to me. I personally believe behavior theory, it says that leaders or not born instead great leaders were self-made like Steve Jobs, Dhirubhai Ambani, Obama, and Subash Chandra Bose. There are theories like the great man, trait, situational, and behavioral and styles like autocratic, democratic, transactional and charismatic are different factors to decide leadership attitude (Amanchukwu, Stanley, & Ololube, 2015). There are several countries facing contemporary challenges like developing managerial effectiveness, inspiring others, developing employees, leading a team, guiding change, and managing internal stakeholders and politics (Gentry, Eckert, stawiski, & Zhao, 2016). If we could understand these challenges facing by this countries then it is simple to learn about leadership. Addition to this we will be arguing about distinguishing between transformational and transactional and fundamental qualities essential for leaders not for managers (TEC, 2015). However, understanding of various theories, styles, and principles for a leader, we should know how great leaders are empowered theme self to make their vision into action will be reasoned in this article. In this essay, we discussed how a chief executive officer of multinational firm and prime minister of country executing the style of leadership qualities to overcome their challenges. There are numerous leadership theories, principles, and styles to relate to modern leaders.

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CEO of Multinational Firm:

The chief executive officer is captain of that firm and leads the firm to accomplish his vision to actuality and great leadership potentials are necessary to achieve it. Great man theory adopts that ability of leadership qualities are innate from ancestors which represent that leaders are born and not made (Landis, Hill, & Harvey, 2014). The contrary of great man theory is a behavioral theory which articulates that leaders are made and not born, which I admit from an individual standpoint. Leaders are not born they were made with self-intellectual qualities and virtues made them the adored leader. There are other two theories trait and situational, which are bounded with behavior theory. Trait theory utters that leaders with certain qualities and behavioral characteristic help them to stand on their own and situational theory states that leaders based on their experience and knowledge taking action according to their circumstance lead them to become a great personality. In the organization leading individual should inherit transformational and democratic feature to engage employee with their vision. For instance, Jack ma founder of Alibaba e-commerce website in China and self-made personality successfully leading their firm since 1999 and He is a fascinating authentic leader with great virtues (China Whisper, 2018). According to behavior theory, he is a self-made leader with charismatic and visionary being. Transformational leading attitude makes jack ma to engage their employees to understand his vision and support him to succeed it (Becker, 2018). He is practicing democratic leadership to make decisions, treat each employee as equal part of system and consent ground level employees voice for their development, which benefit him as well for the organization to grow with high values (Becker, 2018). This indicates that a successful firm would have a democratic system and situational theory assist them to take a decision.

There are leadership styles and certain fundamental qualities to access leaders. The different styles are autocratic leadership style, democratic leadership style, bureaucratic leadership style charismatic leadership style and laissez-faire leadership style (Khan, Nawaz, & Khan, 2016). Some fundamental quilts for leaders to access their governance are technically proficient, sense of responsibility, understanding people, timely sound and wise decision making, and sustainable leadership (Amanchukwu, Stanley, & Ololube, 2015). Numerous explanation, theories, and styles could be defined but the only way to become a great leader is thinking for all and selfless thoughts. The effectiveness of leadership would be expressed by how individual executing their style of leadership and how powerfully it influence people (Fred E, 1967). China has mostly practicing autocratic leadership model in the organization and it affects employee voice to top management (Zhang, Huai, & Xie, 2015). Jack ma has a unique idea to hire people and understand them and make to work under a single goal with democratic manner (Husain, 2018). It helps them to grow wider and he inspires people with his speech and he sells his vision to them. He encourages employees to confess failure and rejection but doesn’t complain instead find opportunity in that situation to get succeed. This type of democratic leadership style and fundamentals like a sense of responsibility, understanding people and encouraging people to make him great executive leader till phase.

Prime Minister of Country:

Leadership is generally used to observe organizational progress tool. Leadership indirectly shares the responsibility of individualism for a group of people’s growth or organizational growth. This responsibility of people’s welfare lies on the shoulder of political leaders and crucial role plays by foremost national posting named as Prime Minister of that country (Deep, 2018). On the other hand, the prime minister also should embrace certain leadership quality to lead country people in development path instead of managing people. There are great leaders like Nelson Mandela, Mao Zedong, Fidel Castro, Che Guevara, Bhagat Singh, and Sir Ponnambalam Ramanathan and there are many more in worldwide leaders fought for freedom and lead people to achieve their vision on a true path. In this article, I would like to convey about current India sub-continent Prime Minister Shri. Narendra Modi and his leadership qualities and style. Behavior and interpretation is the most critical expertise for a politician to manage party people and control them (Politis, 2013). Leadership is a continuous acquisition of knowledge and experience with developing a different style and engage follower inappropriate thinking. People leader should be grounded with morality with grass root theorist for national development and express four significant modules of transformational leadership are ideology, inspiration, intellectual stimulation, and emotional intelligence (Bass & Steidlmeier, 1999). The people leader Modi has leadership qualities like visionary thinking, act confidently, adaptability and stay updated, lead with charisma and bold attitude (Sophia, 2015). Narendra Modi shaping the world, India is the third largest economy in the world and Modi is a serious economic reformer with actual widespread touch (Rachman, 2018). According to behavior theory, India existing prime minister also self-made which openly states the democratic power of the nation.

One of the most inspiring leadership quality acquire from Modi is an enthusiastic and inspiring public speaker and hardworking personality, for instance, he works for 18 hours every day at work (Sophia, 2015). Leadership is considered a vital part of creating a perfect symbol to make people follow. His powerful public speaking shows his charismatic leadership style and interprets his truthiness and his massive courage decisions. He formed a powerful network within the party and in front of people and his legitimate power make him be superior and clean hand. Modi’s expert power make him become three times continuously chief minister and facilitated him to become prime minister. Referent power worked well for him to be well-regarded and people’s leader in their heart and impeccably handled emotional intelligence to maintain his political role (Khan, Nawaz, & Khan, 2016). The leader should possess charisma to lead and admire people which is affluent with Modi. A real and popular leader picture themselves as a simple and charismatic (Sophia, 2015). A great leader to able to attract, inspire, motivate, believe, encourage and correct the admirer. A leader must break rules for people wellness and lead them to the right path. Modi builds a culture around himself and he makes his follower believe that Hindutva ideology and implementing it and he is focusing on national development, safety, and growth. This makes him a great leader of this twenty-first-century era.


To this end, this article deliberated about exercising of leadership qualities by a chief executive officer of multinational firm and prime minister of a country. This also discussed leadership theories like great man theory, trait theory, contingency theory, situational theory, behavior theory, and participative theory, transformational and transactional theory. Also articulate about leadership execution styles like autocratic leadership style, democratic leadership style, bureaucratic leadership style, charismatic leadership style, and transactional leadership style. Power and situational factors like legitimate power, referent power, and expert power were discussed in the above essay. Fundamental principles like rules, culture, vision, public speaking and decision making were argued in this article. Further, the leadership assets were explained with an illustration of jack ma as CEO of Alibaba and Narendra Modi as prime minister. Jack ma’s democratic leadership style and transactional style helps him access employees heart to achieve his dream. Narendra Modi’s charismatic style and powerful public speech help him to get a stand on people heart. In the above examples both leaders of self-made which come under behavior theory and they are my personal inspirations and in my opinion leaders are not born they are made by strong virtues.


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