The Chrysalids: Theme of Bravery in the Novel

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There is a great amount of Bravery & Courage shown in the novel, The Chrysalids. These different events help give suspense and life into the plot of the story. Some of the events may include David’s bravery for Sophie (vise-versa), and Aunt Harriet’s resoluteness for her baby. These next few paragraphs will tell how these people show a courageous influence on the people in their communities and in their home.

When David first met Sophie, in the beginning of the novel, there were many signs of courage. Firstly, there was bravery shown when Sophie was forced to reveal her deviation to David, while he was trying to save her foot from being broken.

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“Then she said: ‘Go away! You mustn’t look.’ … ‘I can’t,’ she said, looking me fearfully through her tears, so I knelt down to see what I could do about it. ‘You mustn’t ever tell,’ she said. ‘Never, never! Promise?’…”

This quote tells that Sophie was brave, even though she did shout out some whimpers and cries. In reality somebody in such a scary satiation, would just simply give up and leave their foot there to crush.

Although Sophie’s fearlessness was clearly shown throughout the first few chapters, David was also there showing a many signs of heroic acts, to try and save his friend from being caught. When Mr. Strorm (David’s father) demanded David to give him information about Sophie, David simply refused and denied every question that was thrown at him. Yes, David was beaten, and Yes, Sophie was exposed, but the confidence shown in they were enough for Sophie to escape (at least for a little while…).

At about the same time that David’s mother, Ms. Strorm had her baby, Aunt Harriet gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. Although she was seemed to be a norm, with two legs, two hands, two eyes etc. this little girl had was a deviation. Despite the fact that Aunt Harriet was petrified for her child, she was also confident that Ms. Strorm was going to let her switch baby’s with her for the inspection.

“‘It would only be for a day or two; just while I could get the certificate,’ Aunt Harriet went doggedly on. ‘ You are my sister, Emily – my sister, and the only person in the world who can help me to keep my baby.’”

Any person who knew that Emily was the wife of Joseph Strorm, would also know that he had poisoned her mind with thoughts about the evil in deviations. However Harriet, being as brave as she is, was aware of this situation and still asked Emily to proceed with the baby switch. When Mr. Strorm found out about this little blemish of the body, Harriet stood up for her rights and her baby by speaking her mind about what this world is coming to.

Sophie, David, and Harriet are three people that the author, John Wyndham used to define courage in this novel. Whether it was revealing your deepest, darkest secret, trying to obscure your friend, or standing up for you and your baby’s rights, these people showed a great amount of bravery. Placing forms of courage in a novel can help show readers never to be afraid or nervous.

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