The City I Live in (Ranchi)

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The city I am living is beautify by its nature and the environment. The city of water fall, hills and valley with its surrounding. I live in the heart of Jharkhand the capital of Ranchi which is located in Eastern India. Due to industrials area people from culture like west Bengal, south Indian, north Indian residing from long time. Where summer are between (March to June) warm, Monsoon (July to October) warm and humid, Winter (November to February) cold.

The weather of Ranchi is so much pleasant this make it a better place to live. Lying 650 m above the sea level. In this tradition have evolved a rich craft of their own tradition of legacy of handicraft. Being a tribe dominated tribe here nature has been given the out most.

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Jharkhand was carved out from the southern part of Bihar earlier but the state gets separate for the development of the (Tribal) on 15 November 2000 on that day it become the 28 state of India.

Ranchi is well known for the center of Jharkhand Movement. In 1914 Jatra oraon started that is know as the Tana movement. Here, the role of Adivasi uprising in the were quelled by the British through massive deployment of troops across the region. This Tana movement joined (the non – violent Movement for independence) in 1920. This region consists of local tribe 32 tribal Groups.

Languages and Holidays

Languages spoken (Sanathali, Kurukh, Ho and Hindi) and the festival Sarhul, Dussehar , Chhau , Id – ul -Fitr , Ramnavmi , Jitiya , karma , Christmas and Holi. The major Festival of Jharkhand sarhul were the group of young people dance together to celebrated this festival.


Jharkhand is endowed with vast natural resources specially the vast of minerals from Ore, coal, copper, iron ore, mica, fire clay graphite and etc. where as this state the leading producer of minerals working with several reputed industrial sector like CCL, MECL, HEC, CMPDI, SAIL UCIL & etc.

Apart from this its has given rise to many big Industries on large scale with the Medical sector, education sectors. As many of the big personality are Alumni of institution like BIT, NIFFT, IIM, AMITY, RIMS, (NUSRL), LAW COLLEGE OF RANCHI. As compare to another city many of student come to join all this reputed institution to purse their higher education and achieve their dreams here the coaching class for any competitive exam are available.

This city has traffic issues which are likely with every city, major problem is the local transport system Autorickshaw, Buses and congested road with big city mall. Every where in Ranchi you will find Malls, food court, street food counter, meals on wheel and here you get every kind of brands what ever you need is easily available here. Hence all you need to be is extravagant and born Appetit.


More about this palace is about the “Queen of chotanagpur ” one popular hill station. Over centuries this place consists of natural habitat of tribal community. With the national park beautifully broaden.

This place is mainly known for the rising sun and sun set point it is the Ambience of the place is the poignant love story of young Tribal boy & a British girl from English community. Realizing that her love would remain unfulfilled and she chose to end her life there. (This point is called Magnolia point).

One visit surely as travelogues would suggest to get relax with rhythmic sound of water fall, the serenity of nature calms our heart.

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