The City that Never Sleeps

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Imagine walking down a crowded street in a big city, with people on every side of you. You look to your right and left and see some of the biggest department stores in the country. You hear a loud noise and look behind, only to see a speeding taxi honking his horn so he can quickly get through the street. Now, imagine continuing to walk down the street when you are hit with the savory smell of a warm hotdog or a bitter, hot cup of coffee. These types of experiences are ones that are normal everyday life in Manhattan.

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With its amazing views, loud noises and sweet smells, I believe New York is one of the most amazing places I have ever been. As I walk down the street through Manhattan, I look around only to see amazing views around me. On 5th Avenue, I look to my right and see the Trump Tower high above me. I walk further and look ahead only to see the bright Christmas display on the windows of Saks 5th Avenue. Later, I walk down Broadway Street with its shining billboards advertising shows such as Wicked or Aladdin.

Seeing Times Square at night would trick you into thinking it was the middle of the day. There is so much action and bright lights, it seems like it is not even nighttime. It is a breathtaking destination, like a scene out of a movie. I continue walking through the city onto 34th Street. I hear sirens from police cars, horns from taxis and screams from salesman.

Looking out onto a New York street, it seems like a chaotic place. Taxis drivers are constantly honking their horns, while rapidly trying to make their way through the crowded city. Occasionally, you may look back and see a driver with their head out of the window screaming phrases like, “Hey watch it! I’m trying to get through!” Then, you hear the hustle and bustle of city residents having a quick phone call. However, one calming noise that can rarely be heard is the sound of someone playing music off the sidewalk. Somehow, even in the commotion of that town, faint noises like music can be heard.

Whether loud and obnoxious or quiet and vague, New York is a city of constant noises and sound. Walking down 6th Street, I smell sweet, savory and strong smells. They quickly fill the air of busy New York City. The heat of a warm pretzel drifts in front of me. I imagine the soft bread inside with the crisps of salt on top. I continue walking only to smell a hot cup of coffee. The bitterness and warmth make me feel warm on the inside when it is thirty-eight degrees outside. However, not every smell is a pleasant one of food. Unfortunately, New York City is a dirty place. It is not uncommon to see trash bags full of garbage on the side of the street. Many times, the smell of old garbage or sewer can be smelled from yards away. Pleasant or uneasy, New York is filled with many smells. From strange smells to beautiful buildings, New York City is quite an amazing city.

With its amazing views, loud noises and sweet smells, I believe New York is one of the most amazing places I have ever been. Although it may be noisy at times, the beautiful parts of Manhattan make up for it. It truly is the “city that never sleeps.” Every turn is like a scene out of a movie, and it is a destination I would go to everyday if it was possible.

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