The Collaboration of Hard Work and Talent in Achieving Your Goals

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I was the youngest student, and yet, I was the best when I graduated. That cost me a lot of time and hard working. Because of my age, I mastered almost no basic skills at first. I had to hold the pen and continually practice in the same motion or same style. My progress was slow. Interest is one of the main impetuses that kept pushing me during this long, hard time. Everyone in the class would start to talk with each other or play games on their phone once they finished the homework for the day. However, I never felt satisfied. I would talk to the teacher and ask for a new task because painting was more of a way to relax my mind and cultivate my taste rather than just a mission. Once I had mastered the basics, I could begin to press against the rules, juxtaposing non-complementary colors or painting unconventional subjects. Then my talent started to show in a very clear way. When other students could only copy paintings well but couldn’t draw their own, I could do both very well because of my talent in constructing things in my mind and my unusual sensibility of colors. My brain was always full of ideas, like what objects I should draw, what style I should use, and how I could use the position and colors to achieve the effect I desired. I have practiced arts for ten years and won hundreds of domestic and international awards. It has already become a part of my life. Through my learning and progressing, I have possessed the character of perseverance and forbearance, which kept guiding me and giving me life direction.I study hard when I possess no talent in particular area since I will have the sense of shame and disgrace if I am terrible at something.

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Everything started with my childhood. I was born with a weak constitution that disposed me to frequent illness. The overuse of antibiotics further weakened my immune system, which caused a vicious circle. I frequently got sick. I would run out of breath very quickly when I running with other students at my age, and I even became less outgoing as time went by.Nothing changed until I became fixated on sport fitness. The turning point in my life was the day I passed the football pitch; I saw teenagers galloping on the lawn and eagerly wished to be one of them. To join the football team, I needed to pass a physical fitness test. I started running for exercise along with other trainings. The first entry was the hardest. I actually needed to work harder than normal people. During the first month, I went through tremendous pain and suffering and thought about giving up every day. From the inside, however, I really wanted something to change.

Because of this, I never gave up. The repetitive training process was dull. It felt like I was Sisyphus, never able to roll the stone up the hill of my expectations. My determination supported me. I kept pushing myself time after time. I kept telling myself, succeed or die. My sweat was pouring off me when I was in the fitness center. I couldn’t remember how many times I almost fainted, feeling weak with agony. This is the most painful memory in my brain.What’s more, I felt stressed when I conducted my strength training because of the muscle men around me and the slight improvement of myself. I solved that by making some friends, like instructors, that could help me with my training. Some of them could be regarded as experts in this area. They helped me master exercises: to pull by force and deeply squat down, lie to push, lead a body and some other classic training moves. The training never stopped. As expected, I was chosen for the football team, and even had a chance to train with the provincial-level squad. This was me changing from zero to hero. For the first time, I felt that I was controlling my own life. Now I maintained my fitness with regular physical training without regarding weather or other situations. It has become part of me, making me feel powerful and energized every day.I study hard when I have an opportunity and I will definitely seize it. Everyone may have a chance to attend some classes to learn some knowledge that can’t be learned in school. Luckily, I had a huge educational opportunity which changed my life. During the camp that was conducted in the best university of technology in China, I learned many theories and technology related to drones. I dismantled a drone with my own hands, and learned about related functions of each components. I carefully and cautiously soldered every connection of the drone with a welding gun and soldering iron. This was a complex and difficult procedure, which could’ve lead to an unbalanced whole vehicle and disorder of the system if even one tiny piece was assembled incorrectly. I often worked with my tutor late at night in the craft studio in order to ensure every specific detail was right.

Then, I simulated the flying system of the drone on my computer. The drone is not a simple remote control aircraft. It is complex and extremely easy to crash. After long days and nights of hard-working, practicing and modeling, I was declared the champion of the competition. Participating in this competition not only let me understand the knowledge of drones, but also let me comprehend the infinite potential of the field of drones and broadened my horizon. This summer camp led me to know that persistence and humility are two indispensable approaches to winning. Since then, no matter what difficulties I face, I always recall this memorable experience that showed me a bright new path. I have learned the importance of persistence during my learning life; a man can go nowhere if he always gives up halfway to his destination. The future is unpredictable and there will be many more difficulties waiting for me. But I feel no dismay; I know that half the battle is won if I can face trouble with courage, disappointment with spirit, and triumph with humility. The significant impact of my learning experiences will always show me a bright new path in my learning life.

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