The Columbine School Shooting Case


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The shooting took place on April 20th, 1999 in Littleton, Colorado where two teenagers killed 13 people and wounded 20 others. The massacre that occurred at Columbine High school was 20 years ago and people still remember what happened and we are still examining what happened and trying to learn from our mistakes. There has been no school shooting ever that shocked America ever liked this one. This shooting had such a knock-on effect that it inspired the young men who killed 32 people in Virginia Tech in 2007.

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Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris were the two teenagers who carried out the shooting. The two boys were dressed in black trench coats first went into the library where they killed most of their victims. Shortly after 12pm after killing 12 people they took their own lives. Their main plan however was to kill 100s of people by detonating bombs in the cafeteria, but the explosives never went off.

Reasons for the shooting: Bullying/exclusion.

Many people wonder what drove them to do this. Many think that they were a part of a gang of goth people called the trench coat mafia, but others say this was never a thing and it was made up by students at school who saw them as outsiders. Recent reports and investigations have come out saying that the shooting was a hate crime against the ‘’popular kids’’ or the ‘’jocks’’ of the school. At Columbine before the shooting sports was a very big part of the school. The sporting awards and trophies were placed in front of the school, hiding the art and academic awards. It was said that the sports kids got extra treatment from all the staff. They were apparently always well-liked by every teacher and they would often get away with a warning when they would bully other students or when they were just disruptive. An investigator named Regina Huerter was told by parents that ‘’student ‘jocks’ at Columbine High School were not disciplined following assaults, taunting and bullying’’.

An example of a student getting extra care was Wayne Hoffschneider. He was a very good American football player who had just been expelled from his last private school. From the day he arrived, he was always looked after by teachers. He could be assaulting or harassing other students and teachers would pretend that nothing happened. He was even allowed to park his $100,000 Hummer in the teacher parking lot. This was all done to protect his eligibility to play sports.

In my opinion, changes should be made to most school systems all over the world. Sports should not be privileged over other things like academics and arts in schools. Many schools still make sports and sporting achievements the main priorities and this can have a bad effect on many students. It can make the athletes feel more powerful and superior and can make nonsporting students feel weaker and less important in the eyes of the school.

Guns and gun laws:

Another possible reason for the shooting and a big problem in America is guns and their availability. Since December 15th, 1791 anyone was legally allowed to own and keep a gun on them, loaded and ready to fire. The second amendment was the one out of the ten that stated you were allowed to have a gun which said: ‘’ A well-regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed’’. Ever since there have been 8 changes to gun laws in America, aimed to keep the rate of armed-related deaths down, but so far in my opinion have done nothing. America still is always high up in the list in the most gun deaths in a year with them ranking 2nd in 2016 with 37,200 deaths. In my opinion, America should have stricter gun laws.

The teens were able to legally buy these guns as in many states you can buy a gun at 16 years old. In Minnesota, as long as it’s not in the city, you can sell a rifle to a 14-year-old without parental consent. In context, you are legally allowed to own a gun before you can drink and smoke.                  

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