The Combination of Hard and Soft Skills in the Work

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Soft skills are nothing more than personal attributes that enable someone to interact with others effectively. Having great technical skills is not enough for employees to compete in the 21st-century market. Companies will always favor the candidate with a good combination of both hard and soft skills.

Dependability/Reliability—To be dependable, you must do what you have agreed to do, and you must do it on time. A task that needs to be done can be trusted upon you and people know it will be done well because you oversee that task. It also means being on time at work and you always give reasonable notice if you will miss work.

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Motivation/ Initiative—Ideally, you should possess the motivation to complete the tasks at hand and go the extra mile to create new ways of improving not only yourself but also your organization. Bettering yourself is always a good sport and bettering the company you work for will benefit everyone including yourself.

Communication—This skill is one of the most important skills you can possess and that is for many reasons. Proper communication skills are useful for every single human interaction, especially in the workplace, where every interaction affects operations. Good communication skills will make everything operate smoother. Miscommunication often leads to things being done incorrectly or something getting missed or forgotten about.

Commitment—It is not enough to simply commit to your job and the company you work for, doing your best every day of the job will go a very long way in the eyes of the employer. It helps if you love what you do, and you do it consistently with enthusiasm without others having to ask you to do your job that way.

Creativity—No one knows everything, but anyone can find new ways to improve something and make things more efficient. Finding ways to make things easier can help improve production times or the speed of solving problems. Creating solutions to problems can be very useful to anyone whether it is in the workplace or at home.

Problem Solving—When a company is presented with a problem, the company will want you to do everything you can do to solve it. Many people avoid problems, not realizing that companies hire employees to fix problems. Hurdles, bumps, on the road and difficulties are a part of the job. Being able to use your brain to evaluate a problem and formulate a workable solution will demonstrate that you can handle – and be great – at your job.

Flexibility—In the 21st century, everything changes at the speed of light to remain competitive. Companies want workers who adapt or change direction as needed. When a company is short-staffed or in trouble, being able to wear many hats and do what is needed will be extremely valuable to success.

Teamwork—Working in groups is not only something you do in school. Working in a team is an essential practice of almost any job. Working in a group is a place that sparks leadership growth. People are central to the success of high-performance teams and team learning is the drive of that success.

Leadership—Sharing your knowledge and experience with coworkers and guiding them to help make everything efficient and orderly counts as a leadership skill. Companies want someone who can see the way things operate and guide other workers. They want employees who can create relationships. Being a leader means you motivate, encourage, and discipline workers; you create teams and resolve conflicts.

Time Management—Life can get busy, you need to be able to balance your workload and prioritize what gets done. Managing your time will come in handy with every single aspect of your life and can be used for success anywhere.

Most people lack these soft skills that companies are looking for. This lack of soft skill affects the outcome of business. Lack of soft skill will diminish worker behavior, safety in the workplace, employee productivity, work engagement, and withdrawal. Companies are searching for workers based on worker knowledge, which makes hard and soft skills more important. Businesses should consider setting up training programs that address the lack of soft skill in the business world. Failure to do so can cause negative business outcomes in this competitive work world we live in. 

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