The Common Features of Introverts


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Two Types of People

As I was sitting in the lunchroom, with the same small group of friends that I’ve always had, I noticed how easy it was to talk to them even with all of the commotion around us. Since I had known my couple of close friends since kindergarten, I didn’t find it difficult to talk. However, at the other end of the table were some people I didn’t know very well, therefore it was hard to talk to them. Instead, I really only talked to my close friends. Looking across the lunchroom, I also notice that my sister sits with her friends and other people that she hasn’t ever talked to her. For her, it is very easy to talk new to people and make friends.

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The word introvert comes from the mid-17th-century Latin word introvertere which means to turn one’s thoughts inwards; intro- (meaning to the inside) and vertere (meaning to turn). My sister would not be considered an introvert. She easily talks to everyone she encounters and often blurts out everything that crosses her mind. My sister is able to embrace her vulnerabilities in every situation. However, I am just the exact opposite. I take my time when talking to people. I carefully think about everything and decide what I want to say and how I want to say it. I am careful not to make too big of a move that might reveal my vulnerabilities.

Misconceptions About Introverts

Being Detached

As an introvert, I am very familiar with the misconceptions about introverts. Oftentimes, introverts are seen as detached, distant, or soft-spoken. In reality, we are simply just cautious about what we say. We take the extra minute or two to think about what we want to say. We are also the kind of people that have a small part of our brains that have been trained to look down at our phones when someone is walking in our direction.

Introverts are very complex people. Carl Jung, a Swiss psychiatrist, invented the term introvert in the 1920s. Jung believed that a person falls into just one category. In order for people to better understand what he defines introverts as he compares them to Apollo. Carl Jung believed that the introvert resembles the great Olympian deity, Apollo. Apollo was one of the most important deities in Greek and Roman mythology and religion. He focused primarily on internal reflection and the healing of others. Much like an introvert, he was very intuitive and perceptive. Apollo was also referred to as the God of Light and the God of truth. Both introverts and Apollo are more focused on themselves and unconcerned with what others are doing.

Being Shy

A popular error that people make is that all introverts are shy and that these two words mean the same thing. However, this is simply not the case. A shy person is one that is afraid to interact with other people. An introvert enjoys time alone but still spends time with others. Although they are oftentimes emotionally drained by social interactions, introverts are not afraid of interacting with others. Although more reserved, introverts can be very intelligent people. Albert Einstein is a name that most people are very familiar with. He was a theoretical physicist who also earned a Nobel Peace Prize for his work. From a young age, Einstein was brilliant as he often worked independently, something most introverts prefer to do.

My Difficulties as an Introvert

As an introvert, there are some instances that can make life a little difficult. For example, meeting new people or simply raising my hand in class can often be a challenging task. It requires me to put myself out there for people to see, something that is oftentimes very arduous for introverts. For example, in my science class, even when I know the answer, I find it difficult to answer the question.


Oftentimes, people believe that I don’t want to talk to people, I don’t like the person that is trying to talk to me, or that I am not friendly. You will often see me with my earbuds in while doing my work. Despite the common misconceptions made about me, I do not try to make people believe that I don’t want to talk to anybody or that I am not friendly. In fact, I would consider myself a very friendly person, often having very thoughtful conversations with my friends — although I sometimes struggle to get my words in. I am never quick to judge someone, and I enjoy talking to people. In fact, introverts have the ability to be more sympathetic to social interactions and conversations. They are usually more compassionate and have stronger relationships.

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