The Common Misconceptions About Introvertism

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Table of Contents

  • The Definition of Introvertism
  • My Experience as an Introvert
  • The Myths Abour Introverts
  • Conclusion

The Definition of Introvertism

Look around! Do you find any weird people who are different from the common? The people who are rare at speaking and seem to be lost in their own world? The people who seem less interactive and difficult to relate? These folks are often seen as ‘suffering from a problem’. You probably term them as misfits and think of them as mavericks. Ola, you are dealing with introverts!

Defining the term as per dictionary standards, an introvert is a person characterized by concern, primarily with his or her own thoughts and feelings.”Introverts are word economists in a society suffering from verbal diarrhoea.” (Michaela Chung) On an average one in every three persons is identified as an introvert. Owing to this majority, the human race is considered as an extrovert species. Even after being educated and well aware about the term introverts, people tend to judge them. Wink, wink, I’m not one of you.

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My Experience as an Introvert

I always identified myself from the minority, the introverts. It is usually a hard time being in large groups. Crowded places and gatherings make me want to go home. And solitude has been my definition of bliss. Introverts are the kinds who are mostly quiet. We would patiently listen to all your talks and keep mum all through the discussion. This often does not go well with the opposite ones of our kinds and then we face our nightmare question,”Why are you so quiet?” Believe me, nothing haunts us more than this question simply because we are short of a legitimate answer to this query of yours and mainly because this is the way we are and to your disappointment, nothing can be done about it. We get close to relatively a very few people and it’s these people we exhibit your kinda behavior with.

The Myths Abour Introverts

It’s a myth that the words shy and introvert are synonyms. Even some dictionaries define introvert as a shy person. The sole reason for the confusion is common disliking for socializing.Here’s the myth buster for you: Introverts avoid socializing because it drains our energy. (We’re way smarter than you) Shy people, on the other hand, avoid it due to the fear of unfamiliar and lack of confidence. Thus, shy stands an altogether different adjective. So, you can be a shy extrovert or a shy introvert. The choice is all yours.

Often people believe that introverts are nonfriendly creatures with no social life. Well, it’s not the case anymore. We have become such confident actors that we come off as sociable and seem to enjoy an enviable social life, in short people believe us to be extroverts. WE BLUFF YOU! But trust me all we genuinely crave is for some lone time or rather a logical conversation with someone. No matter how we behave in front of you, introverts will always prefer a 1 on 1 interaction over a group gathering.

On scientific grounds, the difference between introverts and extroverts is pretty clear too. The brain releases a chemical named dopamine which provides motivation to seek external rewards like earning money and appreciation. When dopamine floods both the groups become more talkative and interactive. The difference lies in the reaction towards the dopamine flood. (Newton, you’re useful dude.) The amount of secretion may be equal but an introvert comparatively reacts less enthusiastic than an extrovert, who becomes energy pumped owing to the dopamine.

Due to their limited interaction with groups, it is assumed that introverts don’t possess good communication skills or leadership traits. But to your surprise, great leaders like Barak Obama, Bill Gates and Elon Musk are introverts. I bet if you knew that. Introverts are divergent. Introvertism is not a disease to be cured. Introverts cannot be turned to extroverts. They are both very different group of people which have their own quality traits. Extroverts are not superior, nor are introverts. They are all equal and should be treated accordingly. Introverts are quiet and keep to themselves, but this is what marks the difference and should not be judged as rude.


All I wished to convey through this article was, we are a bit out of the league, a little mismatch to the norm and we need to be tended a little differently. It all starts with an understanding and the sense of knowing each other.

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