The Comparison of Film Watchman to the Book


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After watching Watchman, I felt that the movie was very faithful to the book, with only a few changes. The film is also compact, showing a lot of details from the comics. This movie is quite different from other hero movies. Many heroes have different special abilities. For example, the main character in x-men has various special powers. On the contrary, the heroes in this movie can only be seen as a group of martial arts dictatorship, criminals who bravely sttack disguised heroes. When they take off their masks, they are just like ordinary people. Everyone just mortals, they didn’t have any super ability, in addition to Dr Manhattan. These heroes are not good-hearted knights of light, nor are they invincible characters of great strength. They will kill without hesitation.

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There are two scenes that I am very profound. First, one night, the Comedian suddenly went to the home of his Nemesis, cried the at his bedside. The Comedian is a vicious and extreme person. He will work for anyone who has money. He thought he has thorough understanding of the world, understand the ugly heart, but when he knew that Ozymandias is planning to use a sacrifice one million people’s way of life for the world peace, he still can’t accept it and collapse.

Dr. Manhattan was able to see the past and the future, but because of this, his life was restricted by the future that he already knew. He lost interest in life, and gradually he felt disappointed with human nature and even wanted to give up. Therefore, when he does not know what will Ozymandias do next, he speak this sentence. It can be seen that people are always afraid of the future with some expectations, which also belongs to the joy of life.

Watchman is not acceptable, so I think teenagers and adults are more suitable to watch it. It is a film full of extremely bloody and pornographic images, and it is a film that constantly explores philosophy, politics, war and human nature. This is not a movie in which the hero saves the world, nor is it a regular drama or a relaxing entertainment. This is a film can make you think. The movie is full of social commentary, and it makes people rethink the meaning of the superhero concept. Even though the heroes in the movie all want to do good for the world, they have totally different means, showing that human nature has different ways to deal with evil. There is also the potential for catastrophe, even with good intentions. There is a big difference between this movie and a traditional superhero movie. The one of watchman’s point is that the human world is still a hell, with or without heroes, and that the existence of heroes creates hell. The concept of the movie is hard for children to understand. Therefore, I only promote teenagers and adults to watch this movie.

The movie didn’t show off too much super ability and special effects, but pay attention to score each hero’s personality, brought many exquisite parts in the script. Although watchman is few actions, action is very wonderful. The fast when fast, occasionally with some slow motion for auxiliary, make the scene become more wonderful, such as silk spirit and nighthawk into prison save the scene. In terms of actors, every hero actor did his job splendidly. The actor who plays the Rorschach can show relative attitude on secular, and he can show his desire to adhere to yes for principles. Also, although he was wearing a mask for at least two thirds of the time, his voice expresses the emotion of the character completely. The actor who plays Comedian fully demonstrates the see through all things and see everything as a farce.

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