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The Concept Of Artificial Intelligence

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I believe that most of us would have watched the “ I Robot” movie directed by Alex Proyas. Imagine that AI progresses surprisingly fast in the next twenty years and become advancely advance, it could be deadly and evolved into a risk to us, as human. According to UK Independent Newspaper, Facebook shut down its own artificial intelligence program after realising that the two robots start chatting in a unique language only they understood. The company stressed that all they wanted to attain was bots who could engaged in people conversation. And for that reason, they decided to abandon this experiment. Sad to tell, humans, who was originally the inventor and controller, were unable to interpret the incomprehensible conversation and that the conversation between that two particular chatbots remained mysterious. Their conversation was conducted entirely in a bizarre language that even human who supposedly look after them do not understand. This would be scary.

Artificial intelligence could evolve into superintelligence which launch a new era of ‘immortal dictator’ generation, and eventually trap all of us in a net that we can never escape, Elon Musk, the Tesla and SpaceX CEO, warned. In future, superintelligence could govern and rule human. Yet, it is just a matter of time. According to the BBC News and The New York Times Newspaper, a google AI computer program, the Google’s DeepMind Alpha Go, successfully took on champion and defeated the world’s best player who named Ke Jie. There is a great gap between humans and AI, as the AlphaGo is improving in an unexpected way as compared to last year, said Ke Jie after the match ended. The winning by Alpha Go proved that AI is potentially surpasser of human, no doubt. What is more is that AI can just destroy humanity without any further considerations, if they have a goal to achieve. For example, if we are building tower and a jungle just happens to be at the exact location as our building area, we do not hate jungles, we are just building a tower, and so, goodbye trees.

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In Hollywood science fiction film, whereby most of the people became worried on the safety of AI after watching it, it actually tells us that humanity’s existence is being threatened more than once. According to Yampolskiy, a computer scientist at the University of Louisville in Kentucky, it is a must for human to gain control over AI before AI control us. In an unforeseen ways, AI is likely to execute social-engineering attacks, figure out a new attack methods and abuse the existing hardware. The damage AI can cause is surely beyond human ability to fully comprehend.


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