The Corporation Film Analysis: Company Lust for Profit and Produced Harm on Environment

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The Corporation Film Analysis: Company  Lust For Profit And Produced Harm On Environment

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Our history is said as the study of the past and it has something to do in the future, wherein it is really affected by it. This presents a connection to the documentary film entitled as “The Corporation”, where it seek to perceive the different happenings in the past about how corporation system works in our lives, society and even in the biodiversity. The movie is successfully made with the different views and opinion of CEO’s, industry leaders, social activist, employees and psychologist. Additionally, the corporation is a combination of case studies that had been conducted for us to fully understand what the corporation is all about.

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A corporation is a member of our society, a legal person that is part of the government and they are dominant institutions who are; producing essential products, transforming lives of people into a better one and said as a gift to the humanity. In contradiction to these definitions, the humanity, employees and activists had the same perception about the corporation and it is similarly related to what Baron Thurlow stated that, “They have no soul to save and they have no body to incarcerate.” The Corporation became a major cancer epidemic in our lives. They were a legal institution that is part of the government and with that, they used their power in controlling everything in our lives. There is no such thing as enough to them when it comes to profit and the bottom line is all they want is money without thinking the concern of other people and even the consumers.

One major problem that the corporation produced is the great damage to our local ecosystem. They are manufacturing their “sophisticated products” without thinking its risk to the environment. Spilling toxic chemicals to the rivers, producing unlimited resources, and creating synthetic chemicals greatly affect and increases the chance of risk the human being and animals. They keep on manufacturing yet employees does not received fair salaries. Variously, one of the most controversial damage they made is Monsanto Chemical Company inclined to the issue of Fox News. The said company widely affect different countries in producing hormone injections which resulted being unsafe to everyone. The damages cost approximately 80 million still the Fox News disallow to televised the said issue for the sake of their reputation and advertisement. This is re;lated to the book made by Ledgerwood, which he concluded that, “The 1000 largest corporations in the world drive the international investments. Thereby, these businesses have a more direct impact on planetary environment than to governments.

Reflecting a growing awareness of international business must adapt responsibility for the environment. Moreover, business has an impact on the cities and human habitats which are ever more urban; therefore, exploring of how business manages the environment is also important.” Furthermore, different corporations privatized their resources including the public water. Many people think of what would they should prioritize between food, education and health over paying their water bill because even the water rain were prohibited to consume without their consent. The community had nothing to do about it, even the government became powerless and they even defended the system of corporation. “People wanted water not tear gas! People wanted justice not bullets!” said by Oscar Olivera, this is our humanity is crying for, people had injuries and someone died claiming for their rights because of how corporation works but capitalism is more important for them. Capitalism in a corporation became global that no one can stop them privatizing the resources, but many nations speaks in one voice for the justice to be served.

Many corporations were claiming that they are made because they are socially responsible and they produce the needs of everyone for us to have a better lives. However, according to Anderson, corporation maybe want them to be seen and labeled as a responsible one because of their resources and it is better to gain the public trust. Additionally, according to the social activists, corporation does not really know what is the real meaning of being social responsible. Looking to everything they had done positively to the humanity, the negative things will never hide the truth that corporation had a great damage in everything. Maybe corporation is just a legal constructive building, but the people who are engaged with it and the people behind it are seen as a psychotic. This was proved in the interview by one of the Psychologist that labeled them as immoral. They are inhuman, they did slavery, engaged in conspiracy, and made artificial hormone and that proves that they are psychopathic in nature. In line with this, Barry Zigas realized that, “The idea that private enterprise should be harnessed to the creation of social capital is an old claim given new resonance by the financial crisis, after beggaring millions of people threatening the global economy with ruin banks and other credit providers surely have an obligation both to run their businesses soundly and to meet a higher standard of social responsibility. While some argue this could hobble, distract or damage corporate focus on bottom line, let’s be clear. It was not an excess of attention to social needs that caused the near total collapse of the world’s financial system but almost every kind of excess.”

Thereupon, the documentary film is a compelling story and it makes us aware not to be misled to what the truth happens in the past business corporations. It revealed the evolution of the corporate institution in different countries on how profit and capitalism became the center of their system. Besides, it exposed tragedies that the humanity encountered as the corporation became uncontrollable and powerful. However, I salute Ray Anderson who is a CEO, he became an inspiration in conducting a business without hurting anyone. He surely cares for for the better generation and correspondingly to what he said to the interview, “We are living a terrible legacy of poison and diminishment of the environment for our grandchildren’s grandchildren, generation not yet born.” The film provokes us to do something and not just watch this without even realizing anything, it also calls for a help to make a change because surely it will be beneficial to our future and with that let’s start today to walk our talk.

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