The Concept of Human Nature and Human Mind in Philosophy

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When I discuss humanity, I will find that humanity is directional, and even binding. It does not exist as a natural, non-directed nature. Fundamentally speaking, the concept of humanity itself was created by human beings, and our concept of creating humanity is very simple. With humanity, I have a fundamental distinction from other living things. The so-called human nature is the generality and commonality of human beings, which is the most basic character possessed by all human beings. Simply put: human nature is the nature of human beings, and it is the nature that will not change whether it is past, present, or future. Modern sociologists believe that there is only one human in the world and only one human nature. This is a prerequisite for communication and understanding between different people. Repeated experiments on infants have shown that human nature is the result of evolution. Human nature is born with the desire for survival, the desire for victory, the desire for partners similar to himself, the concern for his own status among the same kind and the prehistoric human habits as well as empathy also has the urge to help similar people. 

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From the perspective of the structure of the human brain, these all directly affect the prefrontal lobe, which can be changed by the memory and surroundings after birth. However, from a philosophical point of view, although Marxism acknowledges the existence of human nature, it denies the existence of universal abstract human nature. It believes that only from the perspective of human sociality and class nature can a correct interpretation of human nature be derived. And from this assertion, there is no superhuman nature. The proletariat has a human nature and the bourgeoisie has another human nature. These two human natures are irreconcilable and can only be resolved through struggle. As the Western proverb says, democracy is necessary because of human nature's evil; democracy is possible because of human nature's goodness. In addition, Buddhism defines greed, slander, infatuation, slowness, and doubt as human nature. Buddhism called greed, slander, infatuation, slowness, and doubt 'five poisonous hearts'. Because of their existence, the instincts of the practitioners will be obscured, and it is certainly impossible to see clearly. I think there is universal human nature and basic human nature. Everyone cares more or less what others think of themselves, and this is a well-known fact. 

Many philosophers have fiercely criticized this, treating such people as people who are inherently poor and have no self-worth. But in fact they may not be completely exempt. Attaching importance to external evaluations and other people's views is a relatively common human nature, rooted in a group consciousness formed by social animals in their survival and evolution. Only when individuals value the opinions of others and others can they restrain themselves and maintain harmony within the group. At first, it was only experience, even a lesson. After years of accumulation and sedimentation, it was internalized into universal humanity. What is more, if a person's basic human nature does not exist, he may be particularly noble or cruel. But the biggest problem is that his behavior is unpredictable. Based on the most basic human nature, people can distinguish between right and wrong; based on the most basic human nature, people can distinguish the trend of the world and civilization. That way people will not get lost. 

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