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The Concept of Leadership and Its Theories

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The concept of Leadership dates again to historical time period. Just to co-ordinate the efforts of all individuals, a leader is required and his behavior towards his fellow participants is his leadership style. Every leader has his personal style of co-ordinating the contributors in an organization. Therefore, there are many Leadership styles as traits range from person to person.

Leadership is defined as the ability to affect others in order to achieve organizational objectives. Leadership is effective when organizational dreams are reached.

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There are various theories which indicatethe way in which a leader motivates his fellow members. According to trait theory, humans come to be leaders for the traits they possess such as intelligence, personality, verbal exchange ability etc. Similarly, the other theories like behavioural and situational theories insist that management fashion relies upon the conduct of a leader and also differs in accordance to situations.

Functional management fashions center of attention on the areas that a leader ought to be effective. The range of management theories just explain the management and the variables that affect subordinates to acquire organizational intention or objective.In those days, authoritarian leaders have been so dominant. They felt personnel as lazy and they simply focused on accomplishment of duties as an alternative than relationship with employees. This fashion of leadership prevailed for many years. But later, the want of involving employees in decision making has recognized for higher results. It paved way for a variety of types of leadership styles like democratic, bureaucratic, laissez faire etc. But, over time and over change in technology and society, the world has end up smaller. This made the enterprise to be extra flexible. Thus, the managers, in this currentscenario, has to be greater inspiring or motivating so that they can convey about change, decrease costs, enhance quality, enlarge productiveness to continue to be in this competitive environment. So, the organisations have to radically change which can be accomplished when and solely the personnel are empowered, influenced and motivated to develop professionally. It is the sole accountability of the leader to transform the entire organization.

Hence, the success of a leader lies in his leadership style followed. But, the leadership fashion in influenced through various factors in and out of the organization. The fashion varies based on kind of task, organizational policies, working environment, his personal elements like age, gender, experience, variety of transfers, his role et. The style additionally ranges with trade in nature, dimension and vicinity of the company also.


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