The Concept of Machismo in Antiquity and in the Present

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With the passing of the years the human being has been changing your perspective with regard to the environment that surrounds it; In regard to the patriarchal system implemented by the man in the antiquity, possessed a thought extremely authoritarian, sought to exercise power in response to the women, however, factors such as wars, politics, between others, they were those that it impelled to a great extent that the term “Machismo“ was diminishing, today at present, inside the society one manages to appreciate as the man has been molding its way of thinking towards the woman, developing a tolerant perspective before the woman.

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In the XIXth century there were great the stages where the man was showing its power and even works like “Dollhouse“ of Henrik Ibsen, they report of certain form the stage of the woman and of the man during the XIXth century; in fact this expression (machismo), it was executed to a great extent by the European, pioneering countries of this expression, because, it was the father who chose his son-in-law, analyzing the social position that the future son-in-law had, avoiding his daughter’s word.

Since for who had the most freedoms and even had access to the study were the men and a small percentage of women with high social status, while lower-class women were denigrated and had no access to education; Now then,, at present the men present a too contrasting behavior to that of the XIXth century and it is here where the wars play an important role to give him a drastic change to its perspective.

During the Second World War (1939-1945) can be seen the relevant that was the participation of women in the absence of the figure manly (were in the battle front), the fact that women began to manage the trucks, work on the arms industries, plowing the fields, piloting aircraft and being put on the battlefield, made women this started to claim equitable rights, this fact sufficed for the man began to realize that the women did not want to depend on someone in special if was a man, Thus now, the man segue taking decisions, but now with the consent of the woman.

Finally, through the above can be achieved to observe how the behavior of the man of the nineteenth century contrasts greatly with the current behavior of man and that events such as the Second World War played an important role, so that the perspective manly had a radical change to the present, practically the contrast lies in wanting to wield power authoritarian before women by the man of the XIXth century, while in the present it shows a different behavior from man of that time, being more liberal with women, but this fact does not imply that machismo continues to exist, rather the number of men who discriminate against women is tiny, this expression still prevails.

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