The Concept of Reincarnation, Reincarnation in Different Religions, and Examples

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The Concept of Reincarnation, Reincarnation in Different Religions, and Examples

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Do you know what is reincarnation or Do you think soul rebirth in another body? Reincarnation is a belief believed for many years and this belief changes religion to religion and it is a mystery situation. Anybody don’t know the truth maybe this situation is only a legend real. According to our beliefs and minds, there are a lot of information about reincarnation but today I want to write about ‘’What is reicarnation?’’,’’Reicarnation religion’’ and ‘’ Reicarnation examples in history’’.

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Firstly, Reincarnation was firstly used by Greek philosophers, Pythagoras and Plato in Western History. This is so important for Western Histroy. I want to explain it with ‘’Reincarnation’’ meaning. Some people heard this word in daily life or read the social media because this topic is very popular these years and reincarnation is especially important for humans. After the person dies, this person’s soul rebirth or as an another meaning reborn in new body. This is ‘’Reincarntion.’’ Some people don’t believe reincarnation beacuse this situation is looks like impossible. People always like this. ‘’If anyone person dead, this person’s soul never come back to world so how it can be possible?’. According to reincarnation and some religions ‘’Soul may come back to world.’’ Recently, a lot of people, scientist or authors have wondered about this topic and number researches on this subject started to increase and many articles were published about that. This rate is increase than past because social media is very common in our century so a lot of people can read about this topic articles,book and watch videos. For example, according to published in 2013 year in the title of article ''The mystery of Reincarnation'' it is meaning explain like this “’To take on the flesh again’ in other words, ‘To take on the fleshy (physical) body.’’(Kumar, Nagaraj, Nanjegowda, Purushothama, 2013, para. 12-13). Almost, all definitons have different words but all of them are similar meaning.

Secondly, some people don’t believe or believe reicarnation depending on their religions. Today, there are many religions that accept reincarnation. Their religions have strong connections with this kind of believes such as Hinduism and Buddhisim. I want to explain these religions that believe in reincarnation and I want to explain not believe reincarnation.. First religion is Hinduisim. In Hinduisim, people believe that reicarnation or other words soul migration. At the same time, this belief there is in Jainism, which is also considered to be the other traditional religion of India. Jains believe in reicarnation. According to Jains after the dead, soul can rebirth in everywhere. This situation is not limited with just animals and people bodies. Another option is according to Jains, reincarnation is ‘’Deliverance’’. I am not sure what is exactly means but I think there are a lot meaning for this. For example, each person maybe don’t like their own life and they think that after the dead, their soul rebirth in new body. Maybe these people may remember their old life or may not but they are sure own soul is in better body than their past life. This is the ‘’deliverance’’ for them. Second religion is Buddhism. There are not belief reincarnation in Buddhisim. According to Buddhisim only something passes from one body to another body is 'Flow of Consciousness' and 'Karma Energy'. In Buddhism is also called ‘’Punabbhava’’. And I want to give extra information for Judaisim. Majority of Jewish people belive the reincarnation but they are different than other religions. Difference is, they believe that the first person in history Adam had one form at the first, but then, his soul immigrated to another body when he was dead and this people started know him as ‘’Noah’’. When Noah is dead, the some progress happened and people started to meet with him in another body, known as Moses. This is very interesting belief but I don’t have any references or credits to proof that because this information was told by my philogosophy teacher in high school. I believe the this information is the truth. Thirdly, there are many reincarnations examples during in the history. First example is, according to ‘’’’, sixty years ago an American pilot shot down by Japanese army and pilot and his plane fall down to Pacific Ocean. Many years later, born a boy and his name is James Leininger. One day, James started screaming in the his during the sleep. He was seeing dream about the plane fall down sixty years ago. Later, James’s parents recognized interesting thing about him. James started telling intersting story about American Pilot James Huston. This story had a lot of details about pilot and I think these details increase the reality of the story. For example, this boy told the own father’s name in the past life, name of the ship that departed from Natoma and also he said that, pilot’s plane direct hit on the airplane’s motor and he told the name of the flew with airplane’s friend: Jack Larson. After the some reseraches, Jack Larson still live and he lives in Arkansas. After the all this situation, a lot of people believed the this reincarnation and this little boy James Leininger or Pilot James wrote a book ‘’Soul Survivor’’ about this soul rebirth again. Second example is about Barbro Karlen. According to ‘’’, someday, Karlen started telling to parents interesting stories about someone ‘’Anne Frank’’. This girl was born in 1954. Karlen said she was Anne Frank in the before or past life and she was telling the her own dreams about took away her home. After, Barbro’s parents don’t know the who is Anne Frank and why she is tell the this story. According to Barbro’s parents reseraches, Anne Frank was a real and Anne and her family were Jewis. She died in the Bergen Nazis camp in 1945 because of the her family hiding in attic in Amsterdam but they discoverd to Nazis. Barbro and her family went to Amsterdam. She went to Anne Frank’s house without no directions. When she into the house, she remembered the her own family members and some memories. After the Amsterdam trip, Barbro’s parents belived reincarnation and she wrote a book about this experience.

In conclusion, reincarnation meaning is ‘’After the person dies, this person’s soul rebirth’’ and some people believe reincarantion depend on their own religion or some people don’t believe and in additional to, this situation may change according to person’s mind. There are a lot of examples during the history about reincarnation and there are a lot of proof about reincarnations’ to be real such as documents and people living still. Lastly, I write about reincarnation in the book ‘’Reincarnation: The Cycle of Necessity’’ by Manly Hall, there is a sentence about reincarnation. Sentence summary is, ‘’Karma is the law of this life and neccessary for each person or animal or plant and reincarnation is that law administered’’


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