The Concepts of Prejudice & Racism

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Is Racism Bad? Yes, and why? It’s because, it makes people isolated, separated, and exploited. It’s a bullying act, and it teaches people to make judgements. It is irrelevant to our world since it just makes people do bad acts to others. Racism is no joke, it can lead to a person cutting their skin, hating themselves or worse, suicide or death. We must put actions into it like stopping it in a nice manner. it’s bad since it is a way to isolate a person and it teaches a person to bully and make judgements on looks and race. We people should stop it, because we’re all equal, and it makes people mean and a bully, so we should stop it.

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Difference between Prejudice and Racism

People thought that these two words, prejudice and racism is the same, it’s actually not, thought some of them have similarities, it teaches people to make judgements, and it is a bullying act. But what are the differences? A prejudice is an opinion of another person not based on reason or experience, it is also unlikely to impact people rather than racism.Example: After 9/11, anyone who looked Middle Eastern was looked at suspiciously and was often the victim of prejudice. Let me explain, Middle Easterns are looked at suspiciously because other people thought that the Middle Easterns are the ones who did 9/11 which is not. And that’s an example of prejudice, judging someone that is not a fact.

While racism which is described as a belief in the superiority of a particular race against members of a different race.Example: Many white people criticize and bullies black people because of their skin color. Let me explain, white people bullies black people because of their skin color, racism teaches people to make judgements on looks and race. A Short Story about RacismA 50 yrs. Old women boarded TAM airlines, when she seated beside a black man, she called the staff and complained about why she had to sit with him, “Miss, is there an extra spot? I don’t want this man beside with me.” The woman said, the staff looked and after, she said “Ma’am, there’s no more extra seat.” So, after saying that, the women complained and got mad. So the staff didn’t want to make a scandal so she thought and had an idea suddenly, she said to the black man, “Sir, please seat to the first class. Hope you enjoy there!” The crowd was stunned, some of them even clapped. They were amazed.-AnonymousWhy am I against Racism?As in the story, we should stop racism, since it teaches people to make judgements and bully because of their skin color, race and language.

Racism is a childish act. And we should be like the TAM Airlines staff, they stopped the incident in a nice and peaceful way, they just made the man sit in the 1st class. So, do the same also, If you someone being racist to someone, stop it immediately, in a peaceful manner, to avoid violent abuse or physical abuse. I’m against racism because Racism teaches people being judgmental, and I’m against it. It also irrelevant because racism is bullying, bullying is also not irrelevant, because being racist is being like a serial killer, you kill people, but you use your own words. Example: I said to a Native American that you’re group sucks and it’s worthless, your skin is also worthless, and your black family is worthless. Then after that, the Native American will hate himself and then commit suicide. See? That’s what will happen if you bully or you’re being racist, how do I know if he will commit suicide? Because people around the world are getting bullied and they just commit suicide because they think that they’re worthless, but they’re aren’t.

So, stop Racism because it’s irrelevant in our life, and in our world. Another thing for why I am against Racism is because my parents said, judging others by its culture is disrespectful, judging others by skin-tone, language, religion, and looks is disrespectful.And of course, I followed my parents’ sayings to me, because, It’s bad, I mean, if your culture is been said that it’s worthless or bad, you will feel sad or mad. So, we must stop Racism. We people are equal, we’re not like Kings and Queens, we are all equal, treat each other equally, don’t bully someone. Fact: Islam teaches others to respect one another, they said that everyone of us is equal. So, we must do the same as a catholic, but not just catholic, we all must do same, teach everyone to respect and to know that we’re all equal.QUOTE, “We may have different religions, languages, colored skin, but we all belong to one HUMAN RACE.” – Kofi Annan (, QUOTEScom)This quote says that even though we are different in culture, we all belong to one group, one race, and we are equal. So, let us respect one another and respect each culture.So, STOP RACISM and have a good life, be respectful, lovable, a helper to someone. Help someone who’s being bullied, those who are in needs. Help them, in a best way.

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