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The Conflict among Chinese and Western Management Styles in Intel in China

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Recently appointed manager of marketing projects of Intel in China, Charles Tang was confronting obstruction from an account manager is his division Yong Li. Here conflict among Chinese and Western management styles is evident and should be considered cautiously next to the individual attributes of work force. Tang had been away from his country for a long time and working in western culture, his points of view and observations had changed. During this time China had experienced some exceptional changes because of the economic circumstances winning yet the fundamental Chinese standards didn’t change. Chinese culture is collectivist whereas western culture is progressively individualistic which driven Tang to see every individual as opposed to the overall group performance. This prompted issues that Tang looked in building up himself within his new job.

From the beginning of this case, it is apparent that there is a type of hierarchical culture that is present at Intel. The internal, external and interactional factors that have an impact on this issue are as follows: False perception- Tang was considered an expatriate and stereotypically judged manager who never showed respect to his colleagues and changed the environment of the workplace without clarification. Trust and collectivism- Tang lived outside of China for long time which was considered as an outsider and there was only one way to create a harmonious situation was to win the trust of the employees. Li and the other employees had a reason to doubt, oppose and test Tang’s decision since he changed people’s roles according to his judgment. Flexibility- Li did not get an opportunity to discuss and finish his project and was asked to stop work. Time and Patience- Tang didn’t trust that Li will complete the project thinking about that it would be an exercise in futility which is normal for western culture where time is considered as significant. Harmony- Li was looking for harmony however Tang came disagreed with the continuation of his project whereas Tang disturbed the harmony that existed when the previous manager was managing Li’s project.

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From Li’s perspective this is a cross-cultural conflict where an outsider does not value the work and effort of the local employees.

These issues exhibits that the employees at Intel are moving towards a western communication structure, in which they can move toward top management of decision that are being made. Tang should rethink the issue of his ‘expatriate’ position, since he isn’t completely mindful on how the Chinese’s hierarchical elements have changed at the time he was in the US. Thus, any of his choice could be judged basically by different workers. Tang doesn’t like to lose Li so Tang should set up an individual gathering with Li, so as to explain legally his situation on the issue (the motivation behind why he is putting an end on Li’s undertaking). Tang needs to examine and clarify every one of the inconveniences of this venture, without neglecting to help Li to remember his capacities and position in the firm. Tang should figure a path on how he could utilize the substance of Li’s work for different purposes.

My recommendation is Tang should strengthen the ‘disagree and commit’ reasoning not only to Li but also to the department representatives. Along these lines Li doesn’t feel as though he is by and large exclusively focused on and simultaneously Tang will guarantee that every one of his employees are in agreement with him with regards to value of this organization was based upon. Chen would audit that report and assess in the event that it meets the organization’s standards and philosophies.

Chen at that point would report her assessment to Tang, who might at last settle on one of the three choices; first if the project should have been halted quickly on the grounds that it was not meeting the expert code that Intel held on. Second, he would consider if any potential adjustments could make the project more useful. Any of those three choices, when made, ought to be transferred to Chen with the goal that she can ask her worker, Li to obey and pursue. The last alternative is given the undertaking a chance to run for what it’s worth. Tang should give Li a fixed time period and modified task goal to finish the task enabling him to spare ‘face’, show his ability and not be demotivated. This opportunity would assist Tang with forging a ‘Guanxi’ with Li, keep him motivated and succeed upon his commitment; all of which would help in holding the talent of Li who has part of potential. This would likewise assist Tang with breaking the ice with the other Chinese workers as Li is expressive and would get the message out to others getting acknowledgment and factor of trust to Tang inside the organization.


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