The Conflict Between Both Hindus and Sikhs

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I believe and see religion as a spiritual way to connect with the works of God and how all of us try to do good, finding peace from within and giving us the right path through guidance. There are lots of religions with different unique teachings for everyday life and since we are surrounded with people from different parts of the world, we do get to learn things from their background, culture which is an interesting way to gain further knowledge.

Religion can be considered as a subjective topic with others of maybe how teaching. practices might be different and others may or may not agree with all of these; I do know that we should all kindness people regardless on beliefs of their own religion and in the way of treating everyone fairly with respect would not cause much of a conflict.

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Till this very day, there are a lot of people who are not able to forget of what happened back in Punjab, India in 1984 which was a tragedy. There were so much emotions going on of pain, sadness, sorrow anger and hatred.

His name was Sant Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale, a role model, an inspiration and a person to look upon and even though the time have passed, there are still people who still worship his bravery whilst others may tend to disagree as they see him as a terror that started the war with the military of India. He was known as a religious leader that had lots of knowledge of the history of Sikhism and was also part of the political revolutionary that wanted to have a separate state for Sikhs which then had a bad impact of war involved in. He wanted an open door for the Sikhs to restore their culture and traditions of being brave in the community.

It was tough negotiating in a peaceful way with the government meaning making a stand on a political right as a Sikh in Punjab. With the battle in mind of Bhindrawale voicing out that they should have a part of their own state which was Khalistan. Since then he felt and knew there will be a war as it began, it destroyed the holy place and many were affected. As the prime minister had the sense that was going to happen, she demanded the military that was called blue star operation that was basically a codename which occurred back in 1984 that was consisted from the first day of June till the 6th day of June.

The breaking news were announced throughout the whole place as people were very frightened of what could’ve happen. The moment when the blue star operation succeeded in their task, they have gotten the aim to attack Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale that left people in a shock and terror. Approximately 3,000 sikhs were killed during the operation of blue star. Their deaths were disturbing and in humane as those innocent ones were burnt alive, women being raped, being shot, houses were being burned and young ones were not even spared.

As when the others who were the anti-Sikh found out that the prime minster of India, Indira Ghandi, the assasination had died which the cost of death was a result of two of her body guards which were Satwant Singh and Beant Singh. She had no doubt and fear that her two Sikh body guards would attack her with all the war that was happening and lots of Sikhs being killed have angered them. So on the day which marked the 31st October, the plan to attack Indira Ghandi occurred that had around 30 gun shots.

And after the whole incident that happened of the prime minister’s death, it had a backlash so it turned out to be a huge chaos. There are still families, widows and others who are still facing poverty after the riot that happened back in 1984 and they have always wanted to get justice; with the poor effort and neglect, some of the cases were then closed due to insufficient evidence but some were reopened.

It was a difficult for them who suffered that they have a long term pain and with most of them are in poverty knowing that they have lost parents at such a very young age and were ripped off financially were not able to be educated and that makes it even more though due to the struggle that they are facing; the government decided to approve the proposal of compensation that was around 500,000 thousand rupees for each of the victim who have gone through the war.

To conclude, I am deeply saddened of what happened back in 1984 and it was over whelming of the situation was. As time changes and yet of course the people wouldn’t be able to forget the pain that they have gone through. There are a lot of questions that is going through my head of what would’ve happened if there wasn’t such war that would affect both Sikhs and Hindus. I just hope there wouldn’t be such situation that would lead to war which includes religions and politics so on so forth and hopefully the ones who have lost their loved ones would get justice.

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