The Conflict Between Spirituality and Religion in Education


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Numerous teachers do not comprehend the significance of human rights to religious and spiritual freedom. Therefore, they have opposed a multi-religious way to deal with education. In this essay I will be discussing the conflict between spirituality and religion.

In my view, religion and spirituality are connected but quite different. Religion makes you believe that you are not in control, religion is run by people, and they tell you what is wrong and right as if you do not know through your innate nature. However, spirituality is about attaining consciousness through walking your own path without anyone’s influence, you do not just believe but you see as well, and you get a better understanding of what life is because anyone or anything can be your teacher both literally & figuratively. Through this you are taught the true history of the spirit, how religion was created and how it works to enslave people, and why.

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In education it is argued that spirituality refers to an amazing ideal and tolerance in the classroom that recognizes the link of students, the teacher and the subject. Many teachers who come from mono-religious environments often show signs of fear or discomfort when placed in a multi-religious environment. In social and health-care, there has already been an increasing commitment to learner-centred approaches.

The spiritual needs of learners in education must be addressed hence spiritual development in schools must be enhanced in order to provide these conditions in which individuals as well as the community will develop.

Religious education and life orientation are central to the school curriculum as a whole because learners are able to show an understanding of diverse cultures and religions. Individual and group gathering discussions address effective process methodologies in religious training. For instructors in Catholic schools there is an obligation to the administration educational modules and additionally to the Catholic Church. Teachers in Catholic schools explore both secular and religious understandings of spirituality, distinguishing what it implies for their learners, this goes for religious training and their work as teachers in Catholic schools.

Mangena (2001:2), representing the Ministry of Education, said that religion could play an essential role in preserving the heritage of South Africa and building soil values for the future. The Religion and Education policy (2003) promotes a recognized religious diversity while protecting learners from discrimination. The curriculum needs to serve the premiums of students as entire individuals, building up their maximum capacity rationally, physically, and spiritually to free their financial potential and their affectability to various social and language backgrounds.

According to my own understanding, I can conclude by saying that for educators to be genuine faith pioneers, schools must be places where space is given for instructors to uncover their implied convictions about spirituality and religion, and for educators and learners to consider their faith response. Wrestling with faith is not a stage of faith development, but a spiritual way of being in which students, teachers and leaders engage in dialogue addressing, diversity and complexity in religious education. Connections must be made based on mutual respect and understanding. It is vital to have knowledge about various belief systems and teaching strategies but this alone cannot facilitate an attitudinal change. The power lies in having the capacity to make a change in paradigm from a mono-religious culture to a multi-religion discourse.

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