The Connection Between Video Games and Jane Austen Novel Pride and Prejudice


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A variety of authors wrote a selection of books for reading over the ages. But now these great books rarely get looked upon by young adults largely due to the perception that most of the authors were monotonous. The author is not having any fault in this; it is vital that young adults nurture a reading habit through active means. Traditionally, information was communicated through written books, but a sharp decline in the reading of these novels has come with the advent of other active forms of entertainment. This shift can be attributed to the introduction of video-games such as Stride and Prejudice, which permanently incorporate visual and imaginative elements in one dimension and thereby disable the reading of stories, which may seem time-consuming and uninteresting to many persons. This document pursues an establishment of a connection between video games and literature to determine how these two different methods of information transmission can be brought together to appeal to the digital population. It will be based on the book, Pride and Prejudice, by Jane Austen, which tells the tale of Elizabeth Bennet, the heroine.

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The video game Stride and Prejudice is based on Austen’s novel and incorporates actual passages from the book. When players engage in this video game, they get to read parts of the book and therefore gain in the form of active and passive entertainment. Vogt asked Carla Engelbrecht Fisher, who designed Stride & Prejudice, the reason that she created the game Fisher responded that she saw the gateway app to be beneficial for novel-readers and gamers. Most people who frequently play the game would never think to pick up the book and read suddenly find themselves reading the book while enjoying the game.

Hopefully, the players would play enough of the game to read a sufficient amount of the story that would peak the gamers interest actually to read the novel or to continue deeper into the game to get more of the novel.Statement of the ProblemHence, by demonstrating connections between the novel Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen and the video game Stride and Prejudice, this prospect will suggest feasible ways of improving people’s access to novels and video games. Rich Motoko writes in his article, Using Video Games as Bait to Hook Readers, that making video games from novels to get a young person to read is to find a different way of getting them to read. By using video games made from novels, one is getting more to read. Video games set in motion the desire to read the book to find out what really happens.

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