The Contribution of Susan B. Anthony's Works to Women Rights

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This source is a collection of four essays about Anthony’s important contribution to the history of women’s rights in the united States. The volume does not exclusively focus on Anthony’s life and works, but it deals with her times and the political and social climates she had to endure to get her message of social reform and gender equality heard. Since this is an academic journal published by the university of Oxford, it is highly trustworthy and not very biased. It’s only flaw is that it was published more than five years ago, and has not been updated since, so there is a chance it is not fully accurate at some parts. This source was helpful to me in shaping my argument because it offers an academic, official view of Anthony’s achievements. It is written by history professeurs in another country, so it offers a unique perspective into the matter.

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This source discusses the reaction to reformers such as Susan B. Anthony in the 19th century and the public general view of them and events they orchestrated. In newspapers, powerful feminist movements such as the illegal participation in the 1872 election by nine women (one of which was Susan B. Anthony), was only published in the “Minor Topics” portion of the New York Times. The article then goes on to describe how unpopular the feminist movement was at that time, and how when one chose to spoke up, they were immediately silenced. This source shows the resilience women like Susan B. Anthony had at this time and their true passion for social reform. In order to make real progress, they had to endure sharp criticism every step they took. The author seems logical and most importantly trustworthy when speaking on this topic. This is a useful source because it speaks on a historically important event in time and discusses the ramifications of it. She brings up valuable points and criticizes a sexist article from the 1800s even though it was from the same publication she is now writing under (The New York Times). The source could have been biased because of it, but the author chose to point out all the flaws in the old article even if it makes her publication look bad. This article was helpful in describing the social climate at the time of Anthony’s reform policies, and the women’s rights movement as a whole.

This source is more of a biographical piece on Anthony’s life. It more focuses on the factors that made her become a great reformer and activist for women’s rights. It describes her participation in the black rights movement as well as her upbringing and parent’s efforts to make her a self-sufficient successful woman. The author seems logical when talking about Susan B. Anthony’s life. The essay is more of a recollection of facts than an argumentative or creative piece. The organization which supports this text is a trustworthy one because it has been references and featured in established corporations such as The New Yorker, Forbes, BBC, and Time Magazine. It leaves little room for biased because it is a simple list of events and facts with dates. This source is helpful to my thesis because it shows another one’s take on describing Anthony’s life. Unlike the source listed before this, it offers a unique and in-depth list of events in her early life, ones which shaped her to be the powerful socialist we see in history books today.

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