The Correct Nutritional Diet: Vegetarianism and Meat Eating

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All kinds of human diet have been existed for hundreds and thousands of years. Different ways of eating have appeared as time goes by. People nowadays can be roughly divided into two categories, vegans and meat-eaters. Both sides persist on the advantages of their eating style and accuse the others of bringing negative influences. We’ll be looking into this topic and analyze the pros and cons of both parties.

The absorption of nutrition is the basis of human dieting. Both vegans and meat-eaters claim that their ways of eating are able to provide enough proportion of nutrition a person needs to sustain his or her life. By absorbing only vegetables, vegans gain more fibers and vitamins from their food, which is often seen as a healthier diet. On the other hand, meat-eaters obtain more proteins often from beef and pork that provide the fuel human bodies need for activities. People can acquire nutrition no matter which kind of diet they have chosen, there should be no prejudice between supporters from both sides.

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By eating only meat or vegetables may harm your body as well. Take vegans for example, the lack of meat absorption may lead to iron and iodine deficiencies. What’s more, gaining inadequate amount of protein makes your body recover slower after exercising. Similarly, obtaining meat also has disadvantages on human bodies. Eating too much meat gives a higher risk of diabetes and cardiovascular diseases because cholesterol in your body would increase. The number of protective bacteria in people’s guts would decrease if they absorb too much meat which could lead to gut related issues.

One of the most discussed controversies about eating meat is the violation of humanitarianism. Most people seen themselves as the most superior predator on the planet, which gives them the authority to manipulate the lives of other species. The production of meat involves killing, sometimes slaughtering and even illegal breeding, violating the animals’ right to life. However, meat-eaters claim that eating flesh from other species is just following their natural instincts, the world must follow the rule of survival of the fittest.

In conclusion, there is no right and wrong in both ways of eating. Absorbing only vegetables or only meat can bring both benefits and negativities to human bodies. Respecting and understanding are what supporters from both parties need instead of blaming and fighting. As long as the nutrition is absorbed and the natural world isn’t harmed, everyone could have the right to choose whatever they want to eat. Cherishing what we have now and notwasting what mother nature has provided, humanities can be in harmony with other species on our planet.

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