The Court of Mist and Fury

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For my sixth response, I have chosen to write about the second book of the series ‘ The Court of Thorns and Roses’. The name of the novel is The Court of Mist And Fury. So many things happened in the second book that it was really hard for me to decide which parts were the best ones. The characters in this book never fail to leave us smiling and laughing even amidst chaos and this is one thing I really love about this book. In today’s society, people forget to dream as they think that dreaming is going to get you nowhere but throughout the book, I was challenged to think differently. One of the most famous quote of the novel is, “ to the stars who listen- and the dreams that are answered.” Throughout the book, I learned the power and the significance of remembering the dreams and pursuing them. In this book, we learn about Night Court and not going to lie, I would LOVE to escape to the MOST beautiful place, the place of dreamers, The Court of Dreams ie the Night Court.

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We are introduced to some new characters who play vital roles in the book. They are the people in Rhysand’s inner circle. Amren is first-in-command of the Night Court. She is from another world and was a prisoner but she inhabits the body of a High Fae. She is vain, cunning and has a temper problem. But she’s shown to have some caring qualities as well. One is Morrigan (Mor) who is a cousin of Rhysand and the second-in-command of the Night Court. She is the first member of the inner circle that Feyre meets. She is caring, funny and takes her job seriously. Azriel is a shadow singer and Rhysand’s spymaster. Cassian is a General Commander of the Night Court’s armies. They both met Rhysand in the Illyrian training camps. Feyre is the last member to join the Inner circle and she also becomes the High Lady of the Night Court. She described Night Court by saying, “I smelled jasmine first-then saw stars. A sea of stars flickering beyond glowing pillars of moonstone that framed the sweeping view of endless snowcapped mountains.” This showed that the night court looked beautiful at night with the endless mountains and the stars.

My view on Rhysand’s personality completely changed in this novel. What I thought about him proved to be right in the second book. I knew that he wasn’t who he pretended to be in front of other people. I found him loving, caring and understanding towards Feyre and his friends but at the same time, he made sure to hold his image as a most powerful High Lord of all times. I thought Rhysand was said arrogant and selfish in the first book but we come to know about him more as Feyre and Rhysand slowly get close. This is why he stands out.

One thing I hated in this novel was how Tamlin became a control freak. I knew he was protective towards people he loved but what he did to Feyre was unacceptable. He became an emotional control freak that didn’t get his love back at last. He was so blind that he couldn’t even see the way he and his court were slowly killing Feyre. I found it really disappointing and I was so angry at him. I think he didn’t even care about her feelings and well-being. He went out for so many days and at least he should’ve noticed the physical changes in her when he came back. From the way Rhysand described Feyre I’m sure that it was clear that she was unwell. From some actions, its shown that he doesn’t want to be close to her but wants to control her. If she had stayed there longer I have a feeling that he would’ve been an abuser. I think this because separation from oneself and isolating themselves from others is a sign of an abuser.He did so to protect her but locking someone inside the house to keep them safe is worse. This was a plot twist in the book. I couldn’t believe when Tamlin did that to her. In the first book of the series, Tamlin was so nice to her but in the second book, I found Tamlin obsessed with Feyre. That came as a shock to me as I thought Tamlin would let her live her life by trusting her. He knew she was suffering from what had happened under the mountains when Amarantha holds them captive. He didn’t care about her. This might be because he was fighting it himself but they were in a relationship, they should’ve been there for each other. That really disappointed me as my view of how Tamlin was completely changed after he locked her inside the house with his magic when he knew that she was afraid of the darkness and being alone as she was held captive in a room without light. Tamlin was annoying in this series due to his obsession.

Most believable character in this novel is Feyre as she is realistic. She takes actions by thinking about its effect. When i put myself in her shoes, i would react the same way as she did. She is caring and loyal. She doesn't like to be a puppet. She said,“I was not a pet, not a doll, not an animal. I was a survivor, and I was strong. I would not be weak, or helpless again. I would not, could not be broken. Tamed”. This clearly shows that she felt like Tamlin ( her ex-lover) pet as he treated her like one. As I mentioned earlier, he was a control freak. She loved Tamlin so much that she couldn’t leave her. If I were her, I would be sad and hurt but wouldn’t be able to leave. But if someone treated me the same way Tamlin did, I would leave the house and never come back again. She was a human, not his pet to control.

One interesting moment was when they went to meet the Bone Carver who could appear as two different person to different people at the same time. It was interesting how he appeared as a child in front of Feyre and as Jurian infront of Rhysand when they went to meet him in the Prison. Jurian was the guy who they thought King of Hybern was trying to reincarnate with the help of Cauldron. Feyre had to answer questions about her death she had experienced in exchange for the Bone Carver’s knowledge. It was interesting how he was interested in what it felt and looked like to be dead. Rhysand asked, “ so how did he appear to you?” Feyre answered and ask the same question. When Rhysand said as Jurian, I had goosebumps as it was shocking.

I liked when Feyre helped a water fae when she couldn’t pay for the Tithe. She argued with Tamlin by saying, “but I’m not going to take the chance and let them starve, because of some ridiculous rule that your ancestors invented.” I was so happy when she helped her. Even when she was having a hard time, she didn’t forget to help someone who needed money. She had a human heart in a Fairies body.

It was so I interesting to find out about Feyre’s powers gifted by all the High Lords of each court. Rhysand helped her control her powers, read, winnow and read people’s mind. Cassian helped Feyre learn to fight as she didn’t want to depend on her powers. Not going to li3e but I was so happy when I found Rhysand and Feyre getting close. He was the only one for her as they were such a good team. And I absolutely LOVED Rhysand in this book as he did a lot to make sure Feyre survived. We come to know the reasons behind the bargain, teaching her how to learn and helping her control her powers. He taught all this because he wanted her to help him fight the King of Hybern as he knew she was powerful.

Another interesting part for me was when Feyre, Rhysand and Amren went to the Summer Court to steal one part of the book which could hold the Cauldron captive. With the pressure of captivating the Cauldron and saving the mortal lands, they had to steal it from the High Lord, Tarquin. Feyre said to Tarquin, “ You are a person who is easier to fall in love with.” This was interesting because Feyre was really close to the people she loved and in a short time she became this close to Tarquin. She steals the Book of Breathings using her connection to Tarquin. She ends up liking Tarquin’s personality but in the end, she and Amren are able to steal it from a hiding place in an old chapel on an island. She and Amren are helped by the water fairies brothers as they say, “ our sisters debt is paid”. I thought that they were going to get caught but they didn’t. In the real world, a tithe is a one tenth part of something which is paid as a contribution to a religious organisation or tax to government. Jewish law has included different forms of tithing since ancient times.

Feyre’s emotional struggles are fully realized and her struggle to find herself added more depth to the book. I was SO happy when Feyre found out about Rhysand being her mate. She found out about them being mates after she encountered with Suriel to save Rhysand from dying of poison. The Suriel said, “ give….. to your mate.” I was shocked when he said that. to be honest, I smiled and was so happy to find out. The one thing I hated about Feyre in this book was when she found out that Rhysand knew about it or had a feeling that they were mates. I was so annoyed as she didn’t even allow Rhysand to explain himself. Who even does that? Anyways it led to interesting things later.

I absolutely LOVED when Rhysand found out when Feyre was and came to find her. She wasn’t even expecting him. I liked how he explained everything to her. The cutest part was when Feyre offered to make him food and he straightened and said, “You’d- make me food?” And she replied by saying, “ heat, I can’t cook.” He said, “ it's an important moment when a female offers her mate food…...That’s usually done amongst the wealthy. But it means that female..accepts the bond.” No wonder why Rhysand was acting so different and he found the act so shocking and good.

Now while they had one part of breathings, they needed to find the other part of the book which was with the Mortal Queens. Rhysand sends letters to the mortal queens but they hate him because he was a Fae. He told them that a war will start but they didn’t seem to care. I was so annoyed at the way they treated Rhysand and his inner circle. Who does that? They should’ve helped them stop the war. At last, one of the Mortal queens stole the book and gave it to them. They ask for a prove to trust them and Rhysand agrees to show Velaris. Velaris is a city which was kept safe from Amarantha’s destruction. But later they betray Rhysand and tell the king of Hybern about Velaris. They did this just so that they could turn into fairies and be immortal. I was so angry and surprised by their decision. If I were them, I would’ve given Rhysand the other half of the book to protect the mortal realms. They were so selfish. In today’s world, I am pretty sure that many people are like the Mortal Queens, they only care about themselves and their money. They forget that they need to help people which is sad.

I was shocked at the part where I found out that the King of Hybern had captivated Feyre’s sisters, Elain and Nesta. To prove the Mortal Queens that they can be fairies and immortal as well. I think Feyre is going to take revenge on those selfish Mortal Queens. Feyre said, “ I will light your pyres myself for what you did to my sisters.” So I just can't wait to read the next book and find out what happens to Jurian, Mortal Queens and the King of Hybern. The reason why the other might have mentioned Feyre saying that might be because she wants us to know that war has begun and she’s going to take revenge in the next book. Moreover, she might just be giving us ideas about what is going to happen in the second book. This is a great plot device which I didn’t see coming.

The part where I almost cried was when I thought that The King of Hybern broke the mate bond between Feyre and Rhysand. She insisted the King to break it as she already knew that he wouldn’t know if it was their bargain that broke or their mate bond. She said, “ get them out. Get my sisters out. Please play along.” She said this to Rhysand through an invisible bond between them. But Thank Goodness that the bond didnt break and it was the bargain made between them that broke. I was so happy to find that out.

Feyre was never held down by Rhysand. He doesn’t tend to empower the step she takes. He said, if you want to go, go...its your life and I can’t tell you what to do. This was the cutest thing ever. In today’s world, people tend to forget that no one likes to be controlled like a pet but some people forget that and try to control other people around them.

At last, we find out that Feyre is now a High Lady of the Night Court and is going into the Spring Court as a spy to spy over Tamlin and the King of Hybern. She said,“ don't let him( Rhysand) take me. I don’t want to go back” as she was sobbing. This was more than enough to make Tamlin believe that Rhysand used some trick to make her fall for him. I can’t wait to find out what happens next

This kinds of novels challenge our thinking and creativity. I said this because you try to think and create a plot like about what you think is going to happen in the book. It also increases your vocabulary.

Overall I found this text interesting and far better than the first book. This is because so much happens in this book. The couple I wanted to see together are now together which makes me even happier. I hope no one dies in the third book as I wont be able to handle it. What I lived the most about the text was the characters who can do anything for what they think and the people they love. I wish everyone was like them and cared about other people too. I would strongly recommend this book to people who love fairy tales, romance, fantasy and magic. Let me remind you that there's no going back once you start the novel.

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