The Criticism and Advocacy in a Debate About Abortion

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Abortion has served as untied knot among the people which is based on their opinion about human rights and social values. Each of the groups presents its own values and seemed using different perspective for the justification of the issues. Critics of abortion claims that the embryo is an unborn baby actually, therefore, its termination is a murder broadly. On the other hand, advocates of abortion believe that the embryo is not a baby, though have the capacity to be a baby. The political debate over this topic is based on the social order, morality and equal human rights. The verdicts of the Supreme Court of the United States during the 1960s and contraceptive pill have resulted in the sexual revolution. The debate over abortion has prolonged and is still unresolved. The appointment of conservative justices in Supreme Court ignited the pace and severity of debate by reopening the case. Most of the states with a Republican majority has started legislation regarding abortion as a political tool for influencing the opinions of the public.

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The debate over abortion seemed influenced by political opinions during the past few decades and each of the party is using it as a tool for fetching the support of the public. The opinions of the people have also significantly changed over the time-period as 18-21 percent of people from both parties supported the abortion generally from 1975-1988 which was highlighted by the Gallup surveys. However, the percent of supporter has increased from 21 % to 29 % while the percentage of critics has decreased from 21 % to 18 % during the last decade.

It is also considerable that the support or oppositions are not general in nature as each of the argument is attached to different sample situation for allowance or disallowance. Most of the people agree to allow abortion to save the life of mother and child in the case of illness. Likewise, it is also supported in the case of other medical emergencies. However, trimesters are also debated regarding the issues, for example, allowing abortion in the first trimester while mildly allowing in second and strictly banning in the third trimester. Meanwhile, some of the states are trying to find out the solution by specifying the allowed and banned age of embryo for considering the abortion legal or illegal. For example, detection of a heartbeat, or 6-20 weeks of pregnancy may be considered as illegal. Anti-abortion leaders declare the sexual revolution the bud of abortion which is causing social disorder in American society. They seemed to argue that such licensing will encourage the women to be a part of temporary relations rather than long-term marriage relations with their husbands. It may serve as a discouragement to the women living in long-term relationships. The advocates of abortion believe that this is about controlling the women’s body explicitly which is against the basic rights. They also argue that banning abortion is against the liberty of women and is a fundamental pitfall.

The views of both of the parties are solid enough, however, the stances of social disturbances, presented by conservatives, are more influential. However, the state than have to introduce some relevant tools to avoid the cost issues of female poverty, unwed motherhood, and absent fathers.

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