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The Crown Jewel of Archaeology: Pyramids and the Discovery of Their Creation

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The Ancient Pyramids

The ancient pyramids that rest in Egypt are about four to five thousand years old. The Great Pyramid stands at four hundred and eighty one feet tall with two point three million blocks in its structure, each weighing about two point five to forty tons. There is a huge debate between historians, archaeologists, scientists, etc… on who built the pyramids, the Egyptians or another species. Based on the information I’ve gathered, I’ve come to the conclusion that the Egyptians are the ones who built the ancient pyramids because there are archaeologists with first hand experience, the Egyptians strongly believe in their religion, and the people who think another species built the pyramids don’t have enough evidence.

The historians and other groups who have visited the pyramids have found many sources that could prove the Egyptians built the pyramids. In the article “Who Built the Pyramids” it states that an archaeologist Zahi Hawass and a group of other people went to the pyramids to find that they were housing six hundred Egyptian skeletons. These skeletons could have been some of the workers who built the pyramids. The group also went inside the pyramids and found inscriptions, a type of writing and documentation, called hieroglyphics. The only ones who could write the inscriptions are the ones who put them in the pyramids. The rosetta stone has been able to translate it and now we can understand what they mean. The hieroglyphics could be there so that we know the Egyptians are the ones who built the pyramids and so that we could learn a few things about them. People today who build or create something great want people to know that they were a part of the project and they leave some kind of evidence like a signature or something like that behind.

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Another reason that the Egyptians could have made the pyramids is because their religion was a big part of their life and they believed it would help their pharaoh and themselves in the afterlife. The Egyptians believed the pharaoh to be a living god and he was the supreme ruler of Egypt. They also put the pharaohs belongings inside the pyramids because they believed that the pyramids would protect those items as well. The ones who built the pyramids were not slaves and many who built it were volunteers who wanted to help the pharaoh because they believed in their religion so much. In the article “Built for a King” it says, “They were farmers who believed that if they helped their king get to heaven, he would look after them in the next world.”

The final reason that I think Egyptians built the pyramids is because those who think that another species don’t have enough evidence. The people who talk about how “perfect” the pyramids were are basically saying that they don’t think humans have the ability to do such things. They haven’t proven anything that shows that another species made the pyramids and only point out the stuff that I said before. In the article “The Secrets Of The Great Pyramid” the guy talks about “Simple Math” and talks about how long it would have taken to put each stone in place but that doesn’t prove anything. The stones didn’t have to be put in place at the exact same time and in the text it says that they couldn’t fit a razor blade through it when they could have really put the blocks in perfect place because they wanted the pyramids to be perfect for the pharaoh.

Overall I think that the pyramids were created by the Egyptians and not another species because there are people with first hand experience at the pyramids, they strongly believed in their religion, and there is not enough evidence to prove another species made the pyramids. If the Egyptians were intelligent enough to learn a lot about the human body then I’m sure they can learn how to make a pyramid.


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