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The Crusades: a Complete History, Causes & Goals

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The Crusades were a series of war where the Christians fought the Seljuk Turks during 1095, as the Turks came and took control of Jerusalem. They then persecuted the Christian pilgrims who tried to visit Jerusalem; the beloved “Holy Land” to them. The Byzantine ruler asked Pope Urban II to act for the creation of a volunteer army made of 30,000 men, and people agreed warmly, and now this is called the Crusades. Some of the many reasons that the Crusades happened include; First, the Pope wanted to take over all the Christian people of Europe, as there was a fracture in the church, and he was no longer in absolute power, so he found this as an opportunity for him to get back his power. Furthermore, another reason for the Crusades was that there was actually the problem of how the Christians were being persecuted in Jerusalem and that pilgrims were not being allowed to enter Jerusalem; so now Europe sought to them, and they fought back, as it was their “Holy City”.

Lastly, one more reason for war was that they found it an opportunity to use their fighting skills, as they thought of it as an enjoyable fight (for/the Knights), they thought if t has a chance to go to Heaven if they died while fighting on the holy crusades, and for many more people it was a chance at adventure and a chance to get rich. In short, this was all fabricated by the Church to trick people into believing that the Crusades was a worthy cause. As for the weapons used in the Crusades, there were the traditional Bows and Arrows, Swords, Knives, Shields, etc. However, there was a new special type of weapon, chosen by many Knights, called the Crossbow. This weapon was a powerful type of Bow, which was held horizontally, and had a heavy arrow called a bolt. This bow contained a trigger which releases the bowstring. This type of bow was selected by many knights, as they required far less skill, but was able to penetrate the traditional plate and chainmail armor. Furthermore, they found another new way to undermine walls and destroy buildings from a far distance, using a new type of lift system called a catapult. This mechanism would throw rocks and gunpowder at a distance, destroying every possible thing in its path. The majority of the battle techniques used by the Crusades were mostly old-styled and easily penetrated by the Seljuk Turks. The biggest tactics were that the Europeans world marches down the coast of Palestine and to their target city – Jerusalem. From their on fleets of ships from Italy would bring necessary supplies to the group for survival and battle.

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Furthermore, another battle technique would be for the Crusades to lead different armies to Jerusalem, then converge on their enemies surprise them, however, this utterly failed. Lastly, another battle technique was Frontal Assault; and this is where the Crusades would show direct Hostile movement toward the Muslims, resulting in a more defensive power towards them. In short, however, was that the Christians, in relation to the Muslims were more unprepared and held back in history, at least in terms of innovation, invention, war, and weaponry.One modern war from current times is World War II. A short summary of this War is that; Germany was trying to take over parts of Europe, and they were the leaders of the Axis power, with Adolf Hitler as their lunatic leader; behind their sovereign rule. They brought all the World Powers into this conflict essentially when they bombed the US at pearl harbor, or when they invaded Poland in 1939, causing the war to drag on for six more deadly years until the final Allies defeated both Nazi Germany and Japan in 1945. The war involved more than 30 countries throughout the world and resulted in more than 50 million military casualties. Furthermore, the causes for war were somewhat similar yet different. Some similarities include how the war was started as someone with power wanted more power than what he already had, so they tricked people into believing that what they were doing was correct and it was their right to do so.

Also, another similarity is that people were fighting as they thought it was the felt was the right thing to do. Some differences, however, include how World War 2 was mostly caused by the Appeasement, Great Depression, and Fascism. Appeasement is where Britain and France tried to stop from going in war once again from Germany so they tried to appeal to the Italians and Germans, however, this made the Germans feel bolder, and it did not help Britain or France at all. The Great Depression is a period of time before World War II when a time of great economic suffering was going around throughout the world, where many people were out of work and were having difficulty to survive. This created unstable governments which helped lead to World War II. Furthermore, during the Crusades, many people thought they would go to heaven if they went on the crusades and that they would get many riches in return if they take over the city; which was all fabricated from the lies of the Pope. This is in a way like how Hitler deceived people into believing that they were doing the correct thing. The weapons used in both of these wars deferred so much in all categories. While the weapons in the Crusades were old fashioned, and the biggest game changer was the Crossbow and the Catapult during the Crusades. However, in contrary, most of the weapons were Incendiary during World War 2, meaning that they were usually related to explosions or fire.

Almost all the weapons used were guns, tanks, bombs, planes, and warships of all types. All these weapons had the means of destroying whole neighborhoods or even wiping out whole cities. The most well-known weapon during World War 2 was Fat Man, which was dropped on Nagasaki, Japan; eliminating all signs of life in that city. This caused the Japanese to surrender, ending the World War. There were several war techniques in this world war that was way more modernized than those of the Crusades. The only similarity there is is that during both of these war’s there were squadrons or platoons during the war which fought and stayed together at all times and that they had a leader who they followed his every command and whatever he did. Furthermore, another war tactic was warfare over the sea, which was essentially trying to just keep Civilians out of the situation. The principal significance of World War II, however, was the development of nuclear weapons, which was primarily used as a threat against their enemies. Lastly, the biggest tactics of all during World War 2 was the “blitzkrieg” strategy, which referred to meaning lightning strike. During this method, the Offensive Side would strategically fire-bomb the destination, then later send ground forces to come through and kill off individual people, or vice-versa. In short, the complexity of the war was much higher than the Crusades, making it a much dissimilar war in most criteria.


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