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The Current Environmental Problems Stated By Dr. Montgomety In “Dirt”

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In Dr. Montgomety’s book called ‘Dirt’ he tells us that there is an abundance of dirt everywhere and we think that we can use dirt to grow food without any problem because of the amount of dirt we have. The reality is that at the rate were going there isn’t going to be soil to grow our crops. When I first read this book I thought there was only 1 type of soil but later as I read that there is actually a number of soils or example: we have the A horizon that’s underneath the O horizon, and where seeds grow. The O horizon consists of the top layer. We also have the E horizon where clay and other minerals are found. Then we have B horizon, and the C horizon and lastly the R horizon is where bedrock is found. For many years we have seen how past generations have grown crops, and continued growing through the process of recycling nutrients back to the dirt.

As we read later on in the book Dr. Montgomety shows us that in the Mediterranean basin where dirt has been abused so bad that it cannot be replenished. When I read this I was very shocked to read that because of all the damage we do to dirt it can have such great effects on crops that they won’t be able to grow vegetation’s ,We are the main reason it’s being damaged. As we have read it takes many thousands of years in order to have dirt that will be healthy for growing crops, and other vegetation’s. People always try to make the biggest profits off crops and only see the small short term effect and don’t see that long term. We are destroying the soils ,which will have a bigger effect on crops in the future!. This was the start of us destroying our environment, Dr. Montgometry talks about early settlers and how they did the same thing profiting of the soil to make as much profit as they could. As we read more in depth it talks about how once they destroyed the soil, they would continue to move to another places and repeat the process without taking inconsideration the harm it was doing. Even now we still continue to do that and we should stop, Dr. Montgomery says “Continued for generations, till-based agriculture will strip soil right off the land as it did in ancient Europe and the Middle East. With current agricultural technology though, we can do it a lot faster.” He is referring to the industrial revolution. Since some harvesting technology began to help with crops. Which can be seen as a great thing but increasing the level in which we are destroying the soils and crops. Another thing that has affected our environment is the use of pesticides. Pesticides have not only contaminated our soils, and destroyed insects that are a part of the ecosystem.

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Dr. Montgomery also stresses how important water is, and how much we waste it. We have the same amount of water as we start, water remains the same, but it is spread in different places. Dr. Montgomery foresees a problem like over population. We are overpopulated and as more people require water not only for personal use but also for crops we are demanding too much that the earth can’t provide.

We cannot continue doing this and we can start by empowering women and having more resources available. I learned a lot from this book, and I feel like it made me aware of this ongoing problem. We as community need to change this problem and preserve our soils because if we continue it might be too late.


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