The Cyborg Manifesto: Blurring the Lines Between Machines and Humans

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The Cyborg Manifesto is consisted of multiple traits brought together to form both human and cyborg. These characteristics will bring amongst many different details towards one another such as appearance, personality, social status, class, and methods used everyday. How would this differ from both human and cyborg? Traits are intended to develop our independent qualities to inform others that our pattern of behavior is still distinguishing through an individual. In this sense, our behavior has and will always change because of the education still evolving and influencing the “new-comers ” of new generations.

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With the development of new technology and how it comes together to bring new polls of social relations; the dividing line between science fiction and social reality is very similar to life or death because of the optical illusion it has. Science fiction can tie back into cyborgs and how they function their own “life”, sort of say. Haraway states that, “for the cyborg as a fiction mapping our social and bodily reality and as an imaginative resource,” in a way she says that we are all cyborgs because of how we act and how we reproduce necessarily from ‘fabricated hybrids of machine and organism’. In a sense that Haraway breaks down the connection between animal and human by presenting them as a “cyborg theory”, the world blending humans and machines through grammar and political language.

Haraway also makes it clear that cyborgs will be our only hope in a way that they are offsprings of militarism and masculinist culture for the equality sovereignty of our future. Why would cyborgs change our perceptions of life? Not necessarily change our perceptions but cyborgs are free from what humans have to go through such as stereotypical and prejudiced people that we cannot get rid of unfortunately. Cyborgs do not know the concept of insecurities we might have, maybe religion and how God can look over us; to put an opinion on this subject would be how cyborgs are supposed to put an end to human supremacy. How could this be done in a way? Well cyborgs possibly do not see us as their creators so therefore as a threat to them. Then they will be able to seek the opportunity to destroy the boundaries between humans and what resources we have. There are multiple examples of how they could dominate the human race. Basically the best case scenario that Haraway states would be having no man, woman, race, religion, etc for the post-gender world.  

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