The Danger of a Single Story: Highlighting the True Picture of Black Culture

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Has someone ever formed a stereotype of you rooted from a single story? The single-story mask and stops the ability to observe the difficulties, variety and similarities that assembles the world. The one-sided story keeps us from seeing people as people but for what they represent. These stories that some of us form can be damaging, not only personally but global. There are many more narratives to an individual than just one story, and that makes them who they are. The same way single stories of black people create a misperception of their true identity. Through many misconceptions the story forms an incomplete representation of blacks. Other races tend to use the idea of a single story to attribute negative characteristic of black people from prior experiences. The single-stories told are stereotypes of black people while the reality presents the truth of how black people see themselves.

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Other races tell a story of African American people being lazy, that blacks take tax dollars from working people while they just sit around. It is formed against us to be a nuisance to society. The image portrayed of blacks that we have a chip on their shoulder and don’t care to work. The reality of it is black people are hardworking, African Americans are the ones who worked and died working hard because of lazy white people. When black people found a voice and freedom, they were still treated like slaves. No one would give them jobs, thus, they had to live in poverty- stricken neighborhoods. Neighborhoods in poverty don't have the money for proper schooling, then their children became uneducated. Thus, most of them became impoverished and untaught. Then the government thought to give handouts because they felt guilty about the way blacks have been treated, so they became even more lazy. Black people were aided economically and socially while true there are people who go to work five days a week to support their families with jobs they earned.

The lack of understanding for black culture causes unawareness of culture sensitivity. Blacks are sought out to be less motivated and less intelligent than whites. African Americans are viewed as The theory behind the economic inequality is that blacks just aren’t intelligently equip as other races. The truth is they choose to ignore the statistics. Blacks weren’t given the opportunity to have good education. Deprived of their education for a many year’s black people had a huge set back on an intellectual level. Daily struggles make you lose insight on the importance of school when you have other priorities with greater importance. Intellect is a hard thing to determine, and the environmental effects on the individual added difficulties.

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