The Danger of not Buckling Your Seatbelts

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You are in the car heading back to school from home with the radio blasting one of your favorite track, probably Offset ft Cardi B Clout, then bang. Out of no where a deer ran across the street, and there was no time to stop the car. Now all you can feel is you leaving your comfortable seat and going towards the car’s front window. You are now trying the best you can to hold on to the car’s steering, but no matter how hard you held on it wasn’t stopping you from getting closer to hitting the mirror. In your head, while this is all happing in slow motion, you are wondering “why didn’t I listen to mom before starting the car up and put my seatbelt on”. Then bang your face hit the glass and back to reality you went. You are now laying on the ground staring the dead dear right in his eyes, with glass all over your face, and couple broken bones. You want to get up and yell for help, but no matter how hard you try to move you can’t. Couple minutes later you hear people asking, “are you okay” “Do you need me to call 911”, but no matter how hard you try to respond you can’t. All you have running through your head is your mom saying the same word repeatedly “seatbelt, seatbelt, honey seatbelt”.

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Seatbelts are a safety equipment created in a vehicle that make sure the driver or passenger is safely secured while going place to place. A seatbelt keeps both driver and passenger safe from deadly movements by collision or quick stop. Seatbelts can also bring down chances of death or being hurt really bad in car accidents. Most people that drive vehicles or ride with the driver might complain about how discomfort seatbelts are, or how unnecessary it is. Those who wear them often, can tell anyone that a seatbelt is not that bad. Although some feel they are uncomfortable, I believe that’s better than the pain caused in a car accident. We all doubt flying through a car window is fun. People also come up with excuses saying that their seatbelts don’t work. They try using this excuse to justify why they don’t have to wear their seatbelts, but newer cars are built with more sensitive seatbelts than the older cars. The belts are made so you can move around more comfortably in the seat of your car and would keep you close during stops or collisions with objects. Many people think being able to move around means the seatbelt is broken and refuse to put it on, but the thing is newer seatbelts react to the car not the person. Some people also believe seatbelts causes severe injuries, well that’s not true. Wearing your seatbelt correctly rarely causes big injuries. Those wounds are much better than being launched through a car’s mirror. Sometimes the impact between two cars or a car and another object can be so strong that not even the seatbelts plus airbags can prevent injuries, but studies shown without seatbelts a lot of those people could have died.

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), researched that close to 15,000 people are protected by using of their seatbelts when in any situation. Experts say it can always help keep the driver or anyone in the vehicle. Results show that many who are launched through their front mirrors have a higher chance of dying than the people who were wearing their seatbelts. Shoulder straps of seatbelts keeps a person’s body away from banging on to the dashboards, steering wheels, or other interior parts of the vehicle if you suddenly stopped or hit by another vehicle from being. The shoulder strap assists your body to slow down after impact. It also guards the brain or spinal cord during a car accident. Head injuries can be very hard to see right away, but they can be very serious and sometimes deadly. “Seat Belts: How They Save Lives” by Beth W. Orenstein. 

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