The Danger Of Social Networking Sites

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Social networking platforms are one of the ultimate and biggest trendy and leading form of intercommunication or connection for divers and several numerous peoples all over the world; Moreover its erosive to ‘real’ communities. In a evident community/society, intercommunications are built and contrived eye to eye , and everybody is not linked or united by online networking but through human interaction. Human interactions are being decayed and destroying due to the over use of social networks. Social networks has lead the human interactions to begin to fade away when it has been the recognized since the rise of human existence, it lacks of tone and emotion, and it weakens social skills.

We know that, cell phones and laptops have make communication easier and convenient between persons and is an simple and easily accessible to social networking sites as well. these gadgets are seen around in every home, specifically in first and second world countries. But sadly, in attempt to , connect and unite with the world, families have lost the basic essence to talk with each other. websites like Instagram, snapchat and Facebook are distraction not only to youth but adults as well. In family gatherings, mother, father, and the kids sit together to talk, however, are all busy wanting to be connected on their phones-chatting with friends, surfing memes, watching videos, reading news etc , they are together, but not really “being” together.

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At the same time, one can never get time to spend with themselves anymore, because as long as they have social media in their device they think they always have someone for them. Also social media causes anxiety in people. The world is also started to have conversation behind a profile, many doesn’t know how to speak with real people. Social media started to diminishing the intimate relationships we create with ourselves and our loved one. The world is gradually and accidentally approaching towards isolation, while trying too hard to be connected. We are moving away from real feelings and real people, for the virtual ones.

Also, the danger associated with use of social networking sites have been extensively rising over past few of the biggest concerns has to do with privacy and safety, particularly with regard to children and teenagers. social media gives a platform to rising problems such as trolling, cyberbullying and stalking .First, social media is so far, the biggest dais for gives the trolls an opportunity to fulfill their dirty deeds, in the name of “freedom of speech”, and can be perceived anonymity on the internet. Almost a third of millennials have admitted to engaging in trolling. secondly, cyber-bulling is also a very big problem in the recent day and age.

Students have noted and expressed constant online bullying, and many have been suffered of online bullying themselves. the most majority people recorded that online bullying is comparably easier to get away with. this act of in just in some cases, lead to depression, anxiety and even forces young adults and kids to take a drastic step like committing suicide. Last but not least, stalking via social media is usually common as most of Facebook profiles are public, it becomes very easy for a stranger to check and they beneficially gain knowledge about a person. And sometimes, they doesn’t know who is going through or checking their profile. Most stalking incidents are not recorded, observed, or reported and stopped. and although, accounts can be set it up as private, most people does not choose that, as it contrives the desire of finding new friends .Particularly like this ,there are lot of danger that social media brings with its name, and can proved to be a danger.


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