The Dangers and Risks of Online Dating

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Online dating is one of the ways to start a relationship via applications on a smartphone, for example, Tinder. Tinder is a famous dating application that has hundreds of clients, especially teenagers and middle age, who want to be in a relationship. This application provides the users’ information, their interests, what they do for work, and even their age. We can get to know people all around the world through our fingertips. We can choose whomever we like with one swipe. After one swipe, we can have a conversation with the partners we choose even we can meet in real life. However, online dating application is very dangerous.

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Online dating application can be dangerous because it is possible that many perverts use online dating application to look for some attractive girls. These perverts pretend like they are some middle-aged guy, good guy, and some good looking guy who want to be in a serious relationship. They pretend like they are really in love with the girls and convince the girls that they are truly in love with the girls. They give the girls some nice gifts, such as makeup or a beautiful dress, then they want the girls’ nude pictures in return, sometimes they send theirs too to the girls.

Not only perverts, but there are also many catfishes in an online dating application. As we know, we can put any information about ours in your profile, such as our height and weight, our job, our age, and our picture. However, some people are faking their information because they don’t feel confident enough in who they really are. So they use someone’s identity that has good appearance and great job for their own sake to attract some beautiful girls. First, the fakers will make the girls comfortable enough to tell their email, phone number, and even their address. Second, the fakers never want to show their face, so they avoid to meet in real life or do a video call. Last, they will ask the girls for money or even force the girls to give them the money. Moreover, if the girls don’t want to give the money, they will threaten the girls and tell the girls that they will leave the girls if the girls don’t want to give the money.

As if perverts and catfishes are not enough to make an online dating application increasingly dangerous, there are sex traffickers in an online dating application. Sex traffickers find their targets through online dating application with some criteria, which are must be attractive and seem innocents. As soon as sex traffickers find the right targets, they tend to be more gentle and very kind to the targets. They keep confessing their undying love, even if the sex traffickers and the targets know each other for only several days. After the targets believe their undying love, the sex traffickers will ask them to go on a holiday abroad, for example, the traffickers ask the targets to go to China. Once they arrive in China, the targets will be given to someone who has bought them and in some cases they are forced into prostitution.

To conclude, online dating application is widely used now because several reasons, which are probably because of their busyness at work so they only have their free time in the late evening and they have no female or male friends that are still single. Online dating applications may it makes easier for us to find a date from all over the world through our fingertips, but we have to know and inform people that online dating application is not really safe for us. We have to be careful and wise to find and choose our dates in online dating applications and not fully trust the people we know from the online dating applications, because they can be anybody, neither good nor bad.

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