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The Dangers Of Juuling: What It Is And What You Should Know

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Juuling is bad for many reasons. Some reasons like juuls have nicotine which is very addictive, there not for people under the age of 18, they damage your lungs, they don’t make you look cool, and it will mess up your high school grades. No one should juul all you are doing is damaging your body and trying to look cool which is not the case and you are putting yourself and other in danger by having them buy it and you using it.

The nicotine in juuls are very addictive. Once you start it’s hard to stop. You get hooked on them like it is a cigarette. They have the same affect that cigarettes do. The nicotine in them is an addictive substance that your body gets use to and hates being without it. Without it your body starts having withdrawn. Withdraws are like spasms, twitches, sickness, and dizziness. Being sick sucks and being sick because of something you did that you should not have been doing is worse because you know you could have prevented it very easily by not doing it in the first place. Most juuls are filled with fifty percent of nicotine. Nicotine is a toxic yellowish oily liquid and it messes with your nerves and skeletal cells. What is does is slows your nerves and slowly kills off you skeletal cells. These things are needed for your body to survive. All addiction starts small but get bigger. For now you are just addicted to nicotine but then it leads to weed then to crack then to heroin. All these things will ruin your life and no one will be able to help you out of the hole you dug.

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You have to be eighteen to buy one and to have one in your passion. If you are not eighteen it is considered against the law to have one or use one. You can also be arrested for having or using one. Whoever sells it to you or buys it for you can also be arrested. You can face years in jail and whoever buys it can have their ID taken away and also locked up many years. It is against the law to have one or use and no one wants to be locked up. Going to jail for such a dumb thing like that is not worth it. Even getting someone else locked up because of it should not be something you want to get yourself a part of. Going through the struggle to even get one is hard because first you got to find someone that is eighteen and will buy it for you. Anyone under the age of eighteen should be focusing on schooling and family and friends. When you turn eighteen it is still not a good idea because you still are damaging your lungs and making your teeth yellow. Wasting your money or buying juuls and the stuff for them is just wasting all your cash on something you don’t need. How would it feel to not be able to finish high school because you were so focused on getting a buzz rather than doing your homework? If you are eighteen and buying juuls for people under the age of eighteen just know you are risking your life practically. It can be charged as felony and then you will not be able to get a job because no one will be able to trust you. Would you really want to risk it all just so some kid can smoke illegally.

They damage your lungs just as much as cigarettes. They leave a black tar in your lungs that makes it hard to run, breathe, and to even do regular things you do in everyday life. It would suck not to be able to run. Without running you cannot join track, football, and basketball because your body runs out of breathe and you have to stop to get your breathe. When it gets harder just to breathe that is a problem because then you cannot do the things you love to do. It would suck to just stand up and not be able to breathe. I feel that everyone wants to be healthy and not die because of smoking a juul. It also makes your teeth yellow and they start to fall out faster. You shouldn’t want to mess up your appearance just because of a dumb mistake you made by smoking a juul.

Also most people want to still have teeth when there in the late twenty’s. Know girl or guy is going to want to date someone that does not have teeth or has a bunch of yellow stuff all over them. If you like to damage your appearance and not be able to run play sports or do things that at one point were so easy. It also does things to your heart like faster heartbeat, high blood presser, and damages the lining of the blood vessels on the heart. When your heart is beating faster it could make a heart attack happen. High blood presser is when the blood is touching the top of the veins and this could make a stoke and could cause heart disease. Damaging your heart can cause many problems down the road. And you should want to protect your heart because it is what makes you breathe. Would you want to possibly die because of smoking something you can stop yourself from doing right now.

Most people do it just because other people are doing it and they want to fit in. It is not as cool as they make it seem. If you want to fit in join a sport or a group of some sort. Juuling is not a way to make yourself look cool in anyway shape or form. All you are doing is killing yourself a little faster and you should want to live longer. The thing is it is to killing you fast and painless it is killing you slow and makes it very painful. First you start with a bad cough then you start losing breathe faster and your addicted so it is hard to stop then finally you have a slow painful death. So in a way you are saying killing yourself makes you cool. A lot of people would disagree with that. Your mom, dad, brothers, sisters, friends, and even the people who got you in to it will slowly fade away. No one wants to hangout or be around someone who is always coughing and sick. So all the people you hung out with that you thought they thought you were cool really just use you as a test dummy and then later they stop talking to you. Smoking should not be considered a cool thing. Video games and hanging out with friends is fun and something you should do over smoking a juul with a bunch of people. Why would you want to sit in a bathroom with a bunch of guys smoking in a school where you can be charged for doing it on their property?

I feel it would be weird to stand in bathroom with guys. That does not seem cool to be around a bunch of males in a bathroom. Schooling should be for learning not for smoking in the bathroom. You should want to get good grades to go to college and get a good job. When you juul in school it makes you lose your focus because all your thinking about is when you can get your next high off the juul. You should focus on schooling and getting good grades so you can do something with your life. Most people who do dumb stuff in school don’t go to college and live in a run-down community. You will never be able to do what you want with your life if you don’t focus on school and the get a college degree. Even if you only graduate high school then you can only get a job that does not pay well and you may not like. No one wants to work at a gas station or McDonalds. If you finish high school then go to college you can get a job you would like and that pays very well. But if in high school you fail because you are more worried about getting a high from a juul you are more likely to work at a gas station and McDonalds instead of owning your own business or becoming a famous basketball player or football player.

Smoking in school can get you kicked out of school and then you would have to retake the same grade all over again. Without school you cannot get a job you cannot join the army and you will never be able to move out of your parents’ house because you will not have the money to take care of yourself. Schooling is a need and must not a want or just a thing. Without school you cannot do nothing with your life. Think about how you want to look and yourself in ten to fifteen years. Because without high school all you are going to be is a low life probably in and out of jail living with your parents or homeless. If you feel it is too hard to stop ask someone for help. You can ask your parents, counselors at the school, and your friends. Yes at first your parents are going to be mad that you even started but they will be there to help you no matter what. The counselors at your school are always willing to help it is there job to help you in any way they can. Your friends depend on how you are asking. Don’t go ask the same so called friends that got you into it to try to help you get out of it. Ask your friends that are good kids and that truly care about your well-being. Your parents would not want you to get caught up in a bunch of dumb stuff that will ruin your life. The counselors will help you but by law they have to tell your parents and officers and even possibly DCS. But they only do that to help you and get you the correct help you need. They can help with a lot but not with everything. That really goes with everyone they can help you but they cannot fix everything.

The easiest way to stop is just get rid of everything that is with it. If you have it you are going to want to use it. Make it easy and throw it away. You can ask almost anyone for help as long as you trust them. It would have been better if you never started it In the first place but it is also really easy to stop doing it to. For the people who have not started to smoke juuls don’t start. It is just trouble coming right at you. All you would be doing is starting a habit that is hard to break. Do not get yourself in trouble for no reason. If you start doing it all you are doing is damaging your body, breaking the law, and possibly messing up your life in the long run.

These are only some reasons you should stop there a hundreds of other reasons you should not do this to yourself. Think about your family, friends, and others around you. Don’t hang out with the kids who do it because all they are is people who are going to grow up a low life because they messed up there life in high school. Do not be one of those kids that tries to act cool or persuades other kids to try doing it. Be the kid who tries to stop juuling at school. Tell an adult if you happen to see it.


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